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The entrance to Tragidore can be found in the Tainted Hills, near where the Render Queen's spawn. On entrance passage is blocked by several fallen trees that must be destroyed before allowing further travel. The area is designed for roughly level 44 and has some loot that will only drop if no one has ever entered any of the areas at any level higher than level 51.


There is no limit to the level you can enter or fight mobs in Tragidore


There are no area specific penalties for Tragidore although there is plenty of acid infliction caused by the poisoned crops in the area.

Recommended Immunities

Acid and Positive immunities are the primary concern, although Fire, Divine, Magical and Negative damages will also be quite high if the party cannot control enemy casters quickly. Some area terrain will inflict Acid damage and deliver Acid/Primal damage constantly, so you should Restore often, and avoid standing in the farm land.

  • Earthquake damage is a high priority and should be significantly reduced via Positive damage immunities/resistances.

Enemy casters will use Earthquake, Finger of Death and Flame Strike to deliver high amounts of exotic damage, it is recommended to cover immunity to Finger of Death spells using the specific spell immunity, this can be found on several lvl 50 items such as the Shadow Wrap and Robes of Adoneiros Hawklight or drink a Negative protection potion.

High Discipline is recommended due to a great many discipline checks from mobs in the area

General Notes

  • The run is a free rest zone, Immortal characters will not fugue or limbo in Tragidore.
  • Spawns in Tragidore are dynamic, the larger the party the more creatures spawn, making it suitable for solo or low number groups.
  • Loot drops spawn in containers, as well the more important loot will not spawn until all mobs are killed. Care must be taken in the last area so that the set loot is not broken, since some mobs will spawn right on top of the loot containers.
  • There are some useful set items that can drop in this run including robes with Implosion immunity some of these will only drop if all payers are below level 52.
  • Mobs will spawn well ahead of you, so it can be difficult to pop the set loots until the entire map is cleared.


Tragidean - Approach

There are several fallen trees blocking the passageway through the approach, you will have to destroy them to allow passage.

Tragidore - Village Environs

You will find the most difficult enemies in the run on this map, the Tragidean Herbalist, and the Tragidean Farmer. The Herbalist is your primary target, they deliver massive Positive, Negative and Divine/Fire damages with their spells.

Tragidore - Herald's Pit

This is the lair of the Moha-Go the Herald of Ragnorra. Take care to ensure all players who intend to fight him enter the pit room before anyone steps forward to spawn mobs, or they will not be able to use the transition until all the mobs are dead.

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