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Obox-ob was the first prince of demons. When the bloodthirsty primordial Demogorgon and the obyrith Dagon fought, Obox-ob, the loathsome prince of vermin, grabbed the evil shard and was transformed into the first Prince of demons.

~ From the Black Tome of Wiki.



  • Zionyn is the home of the Ekolid, which heal on Electrical, making this damage type generally a bad idea for this run.
  • Also keep in mind that there are very few outsiders in this realm. Most mobs consist of shapechangers, magical beast, animals and vermin.

Main threats

  • Ekolid Eggs count as disease and kill you (spawning more Ekolids in the process) if not removed in 2 minutes
  • Recommended Immunities: Acid, Electrical, Magical, Positive
  • Curses are quite frequent as well
  • Freedom of movement is necessary to avoid domination

Enemy guide

Like other Abyssal casters, Wastriliths have an ability score buff (Owl's Wisdom) which is unbreachable but mordable. This increases their spell DCs by 6 points

  • Xor-Yos

Part overview

  • There are three kinds of map Cliffs, Caverns (like Hive) and underwater. Each has a few enemies that are more likely to appear.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Obox-ob as a Prince Strategy

See Also

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