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Staffmaster Quasiclass on HG Forum


Staffmaster (Wizard/Weapon Master)


Must have 15 levels of Wizard and Weapon Focus: Quarterstaff before level 21, whilst it is not obligatory to take Weapon Master levels not doing so will negatively impact on the damage you can do.


  • Spell DCs for all spells are equal to 10 + spell level + (STR modifier x 9/10).
  • For most spells, casterlevels and Spell Penetration are equal to Wizard level + (Weaponmaster level/3).
  • For certain spells, casterlevel = Wizard level + Weaponmaster level.


Other Changes

The following bonuses apply only when the Staffmaster is wielding a quarterstaff:

  • Staffmasters with at least 1 WM level get a 10% bonus to the concealment granted by the Ethereal Visage spell.
    • This concealment bonus only applies when nothing is in the off-hand
  • Staffmasters get an extended duration on the Tenser's Transformation spell. It lasts for 1 turn per casterlevel instead of 1 round per casterlevel.
  • Staffmasters get a special, extended version of the Blackstaff spell. The spell duration is in hours instead of rounds. Instead of a dispel magic effect, the staffmaster gets access to bonus damage. Scaling for Staffmaster damage starts at 3d10 and increases by 1d10 for every 5 WM levels (including LLs), reaching 12d10 at WM45. The !damXX SIMTools commands can be used to switch between which damage type you use.

Initially, the damage added is fire damage. As the character gains Weaponmaster levels, additional damage types become available:

WM Levels command Damage Type
0  !damfi Fire
4  !damco Cold
8  !damel Electric
12  !damac Acid
16  !damso Sonic
20  !damma Magic
25  !dampo

The Staffmaster may select any available damage type as the type to be added by the blackstaff spell, by using the chat commands to change damage types, which are hotkeyable and have the advantage of being instantaneous.

NOTE: The properties created on the weapon will look a little strange, because some changes had to be made to allow all onhit damage effects to work together. The weapon effected will always say it has a level 1 flame weapon and 1 point of magic damage added, but the actual effects are as described above.


Tips for Building and Playing

Breach / Mord protection is essential when these may hit you, since your buffs are very important to your survival, creatures that AoE Mord are the bane of Staffmasters as there is no protection against this effect.
The best standard weapon to use is the Dustbone quarterstaff Wilbur's Walking Stick modified to remove electrical damage as this means you can beat stuff in Rona down without healing them and you can at the press of a hotkey add the electrical damage back in if there is something you need to use it on.
Staffmasters are the best non-2h melee option for focused damage output and with the benefit of being Str based they also add a decent amount of physical damage to to their attacks.
However (and it is a fairly large however!) due to the 2h damage bonus (+40%) being removed from Quarterstaves they are likely to lag behind in the damage output tables even with efficient swapping of damage types specific to the creatures being attacked.

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