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Tactile Augmenter
Tailored PhysiologyTainted Desert
Tainted HillsTalisman of PazuniaTallfellow Halfling
Talon of the Hollow SoulTanaric Taint
Tanned AugmenterTapestry of Night
TaphrinoTaramanusTarnished Augmenter
Tasha's Hideous LaughterTaste of MiseryTaunt
Teachery and LustTear of SeluneTeardrop
Technical Questions (How do I...?)Teeming Soul CanopicTeldar's Dilemma +10
Teldar's Toolbelt of HoningTeldar's TravailTelescoping Ten-Foot Pole
TempestTempest of BloodTemplar's Augmenter
Temple EntranceTemple Store RoomTemple of Tyr
Temporal AutocasterTemporal StasisTemporary Hit Points
Tenebrous JetTenser's TransformationTentacles of the Rotting Lord
Testify to the CarnageThalasian Edge
That Which ForebodesThaumaturgic Nullifier
Thaumaturgic VenomThe AbyssThe Abyss - Hall of the Hell Forge
The AlchemistThe Altar of LegendsThe Badger's Challenge
The Beast Shall AwakenThe Blade of EnrithThe Blood Moon
The Blood MoorThe Bonds WeakenThe Bore
The ButterflyThe Call of JusticeThe Cemetary
The Cinder FlatsThe CrossroadsThe Cymbal's Gift
The Dead SunThe Dead WoodThe Deeper Secrets
The Drowned CityThe Duellist's Blasphemy
The Duellist's DreamThe Duellist's NightmareThe Earnest Reverent
The Eternal RedThe ExcommunicantThe Eye of Vecna
The Falling ShadeThe Filthy MundaneThe Fine Print
The Frozen RoadThe FurrowThe Gaping Cincture
The Gasping SignetThe Generalist +10The Grasping Signet
The Great PlateauThe Gulf Between Planes
The HellstoneThe Hooded ManThe Horrors Within
The IcicleThe Kalinos EdgeThe Kobold's Pet
The Last AgeThe Lone Wolf's LocketThe Maddened Remnants
The Most Disturbing ThingThe Nether Caves
The Oltec OracleThe Orb of DragonkindThe Phylactery of Aztri-Voca
The Pristine Way
The Quality of MercyThe Ritual That Rouses
The Ruins of the Arcane AcademyThe SageThe Sardonic Staff
The Serpent's CoilThe Skull of Iyachtu XvimThe Slaying Hook
The Spider SignetThe Sstadi S'benat
The Temperature Never RisesThe Ties that BindThe Time of Coming
The Translation ChamberThe Twilight Coil
The Ultimate TruthThe Unbroken Way
The Ur-WardThe Walking DeadThe Warden
The Web Level 1The Web Level 2The Web Level 3
The Whirling DancerThe Wilderness
The WizardThe WorkshopThe World Unravels
The Wrist BoneThere is No WheatTheurge
They're Watching YouThey Enslaved Others
Thickened AugmenterThieves' HoodThieves' Tools 21
This Laxity EnabledThoraxian ShellThought Given Form
Thousand TidesThraxxia's Embellished WeaveThreads of Life
Threads of the HarbingerThri-Kreen
Throwing Axe Wielder's AugmenterThulean CoilThunderborn
Thunders of Abysm
Tiamat ToothTide of BattleTiefling
Tiefling HornTime StopTimely Avoidance
Tinker GnomeTitan's BladeTitan's Top
Titan's WrapTitanic SporkTo Fear the Night
To Reign in HellTo Serve a Horrible DestinyTo The Point
To Wake the DeadTomb of Shadows
Tongue of Khin-OinTongue of the Pit FiendTool Belt
Torch of AbsorptionTorch of the Unwary
TormentilTorrential CurrentTortoise Shell
Torturer's TouchTouch of MockeryTouch of the Grave
Touch of the WightTough Beard's RazorTournament Arena
Tower CavernTower RuinsTown Watch
Town of AscensionToyshopTracker's Augmenter
Traction BombTragidore
Tranquil AugmenterTranscendanceTransmundane Ward
TransmutationTransmuter's AdversaryTrap Maker - Thunder
Trap MakersTrappings of the Weave
Travelers of the UttercoldTravelling MerchantTreaded Slaad Tongue
Treads of Thokul ZenbenTreads of the Dread MandrillTreads of the Exalted
TreantTreasure ScentTremble in the Bones
Trendy TreadsTrevor's TombraiderTrickery's Friend
Trickster's AugmenterTrinidad's Impossible Kama
Trinny's BeautifierTriton HornTroll
True Prismatic BladeTrue Resurrection (effect)
True Resurrection (spell)True SeeingTrue Strike
Tsidao's Mental FortressTsidao's Refulgent ReflectorTulani
Tunic of Boreas WhitewindTunic of Jamamros PegasonTunnels of Underdark
TurnTurner Cleric
Twice-DamnedTwice Cursed ArmorTwilight Ice
Twirling DoomTwo-Bladed Sword Wielder's Augmenter
Tymora's Lucky CharmTymoran EdgeTyrin's Augmenter
Ularin's OathUlithUltra-Rare Subrace
UlundarisUluo's BewildermentUmber Maze
Unceasing LacerationUndeadUndeath's Eternal Foe
Undeath to DeathUnderdark Crystal CaveUnderdark Forest
Underdark GrottoUnderdark LakeUnderdark River
UndertowUndesirable Effect ImmunityUndine Scale
UndyingUndying FlameUnfurling of Wings
Unholy SufferingUnicorn HornUnitary Focus
Universal ContumacyUniversal SolventUnknown Vindication
UnnameUnnatural FormUnnatural Mastery
Unnatural WaysUnsanitary SacUnsettling Tales
Unswerving AugmenterUp from the Depths
UrdunnirUrge to DestroyUrn of Unremitting Draughts
Uroboros Peak
Usurper's AugmenterUtterance of IcewindVaati
Vakarri's VeinValheru PlateValkyrie
Valley of GlithildhoulVampiric TouchVampyr wolf
Vandalar's PlateVanguard of the DaystarVaragellan
Varamir's VengeanceVashyk's Fall
Vashyk's RuinVeil of KingsVelon's Wrists
Velsharoon's Chosen
Venir's ValidationVerbenaVerdant Prince
VeridicalVest of Escape
Vestments of the GardenbornVial of Anarchic WaterVial of Axiomatic Water
Vial of Concordant WaterVial of Glacial WaterVial of Sanctified Water
Vicious SleetVicious Warble
Vigilant AugmenterVile DeformityVile Delight
Vine MineViper's RegretViper Tree Seeds
VirtueVirulent CarverVisage of Doom
Visage of Elemental ChaosVisage of LolthVisage of the Death Knight
Viscid GlobVisor of Cursed ChaosVisor of Vigilance
Vitiarch's TalonVitriolic EmeraldVitriolic Ray
Vitriolic SphereVitter's Kinetic BoosterVitter's Velocity
VocalizeVoid SaltsVoidflame
VoidwindVortex of TeethVote
Vrock's FeastVulpine Fane
Wail of DoomWail of the bansheeWaisting Away
Wall of FireWand of Acid ImmunityWand of Bitter Infliction
Wand of Cold ImmunityWand of Electrical ImmunityWand of Healing
Wand of LichdomWand of Noxious FogWand of Wrath
Wandering WyrmWar's FistWar Camp
War CryWard of the IxitxachitlWarlyon's Ward
Warming AugmenterWarmongerWarpriest's Augmenter
Warrior's ZealWatchtower of Kil'dur'ok - Lower LevelWatchtower of Kil'dur'ok - Upper Level
Water-Filled GogglesWater Shrike NestWater Weird Essence
Water of OceanusWavecaller's NeckletWay of the Drone
Way of the RivenWays of PartingWeakness of the Flesh
Weapon FinesseWeapon Master
Weapon of ImpactWeapons Shop
WeirdWellspring of OceanusWellspring of Power
WemicWhat Lies BeyondWhen It Grows Very Dark
Where Madness DwellsWhip Wielder's Augmenter
Whisper GnomeWhisper of the Entity
Whistling CannonWhite Dragon EggsWhite Dragon Helm
White Dragon ToothWilbur's Walking StickWild Dwarf
Wild ElfWillWind of the Crimson Dawn
Wings of the DevaWings of the Storm
Winters MiseryWisdomWistan's Gouge-Guard
Wistan's Sever-ShieldWistan's Wallop-Warder
Witcher's DenialWitchfire Mirror
Withered PallWithering DepthsWizard
Wizard's FingerboneWizard's Greater Combat StaffWizard's Supreme Combat Staff
Wizard Tower Ruins
Wondrous ItemsWondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - AbjurationWondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - Conjuration
Wondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - DivinationWondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - EnchantmentWondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - Evocation
Wondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - IllusionWondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - NecromancyWondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - Spell Penetration
Wondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - TransmutationWood ElfWord of Balance
Word of FaithWorm-Borne BootsWounding Whispers
Wrap of FistandantilusWrap of the Dark PrinceWreckage of Flesh
Wren's Love TapWretched CleaverWrist of the Ryukaissen
Wrists of ResistanceWrit of PassageWrithing Wreath
Xanthene CoverXanthene Folds
Xanthene GarmentsXanthene RaimentXanthene Trappings
Xanthene VestmentsXanthene WrapXendi
Xendi's LocketXeph
Yeti Hide ArmourYetiskin CloakYetiskin Gloves
Ygrette's Ephemeral LocketYgrette's Evanescent LocketYi Hu
Yomi's OptimizerYour Thick Skull
Yuan-TiYuan-Ti CovenYukio
Yvette's AugmenterZekeZen Augmenter
Zendarfil's FeintZendarfil's Manuever
ZenythriZephir's ShivZephyr's Song +10
ZerialZerial's TokenZhentarim Cloak +10
Zhentarim Cloak +9Zhentarim Outpost
Zorbgot's HiveZug Zug

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