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User Name & It's History

Yojimbo is Japanese for bodyguard or at least roughly translates to that. The name was inspired by the Akira Kurosawa film of the same name. I use it for the first name of all my characters as well as my forum and wiki account so I should be easy to find.

Time Zone & Normal Hours of Play

I live in Central Time Zone and my area does observe Daylight Savings Time.

  • Central Standard Time (CST) is UTC -6 hours
  • Central Daylight Time (CDT) is UTC -5 hours
    • CDT is only applicable between the 2nd Sun. of Mar. and the first Sun. of Nov.

Below are the times I usually have available to play HG and times are given as CST/CDT

  • Mon. through Fri. unlikely to be on
  • Sat. through Sun. 8 AM to 4 PM

Trade List

Yojimbo's Yard Sale

My Toons

ProtoManX (Primary Account)

Last Name Level Class Artifact Demi Count Hell Layer Attuned Azz GM Shed Than Zio Prince Wins
Altershape 55 Shifter Wisdom 0 Avernus N 0
Blackwing 66 Blackguard Constitution 2 Nessus Y 0
Darksage 69 Arcane Theurge Intelligence 1 Malbolge N 0
Fiercelance 55 Barbarian 0 Avernus N 0
Longstaff 64 Staffmaster Strength 0 Maladomini Y 0
Slycat 66 Rogue Speed 1 Malbolge Y 3 Wand 3 0
Twinblade 66 Fighter Strength 1 Maladomini Y 0
Woodswrath 75 Battle Druid Dexterity 3 Nessus N 1

RockMan20XX (Secondary Account)

Last Name Level Class Artifact Demi Count Hell Layer Attuned Azz GM Shed Than Zio Prince Wins
Boltjammer 61 Gnomish Inventor Dexterity 0 Stygia N 0
Celestialruin 66 Turner Cleric 0 Nessus Y 1 0
Grudgehound 60 Lash of Hatred Dexterity 0 Stygia N 0
Hellweaver 60 Lifethreader Wisdom 0 Stygia N 0
Lightsong 67 Bard Spell Penetration 1 Stygia N 0
Purplefang 61 Paladin 0 Malbolge N 0
Quickchop 55 Ranger Dexterity 0 Avernus N 0
Stormbringer 55 Herald of Storms 0 Avernus N 0

Upcoming Toons

ProtoManX (Primary Account)

Last Name Level Class Build
Coldstrike 10 Battle Cleric Eye of Grolantor
Guardswell N/A Dwarven Warchanter Whistling Wall
Vilesage 40 Divine Theurge Gaze into Divinity

RockMan20XX (Secondary Account)

Last Name Level Class Build
Deadhand 10 Sorcerer Dark Desolation
Earthforce 7 Druid Soaring Destruction
Foulfist N/A Bane Knight Knight of Memnor

Posted Builds

Build Name Class Tier Last Updated (YYYY-MM-DD)
Agile Beast Rogue (Rog 35/CoT 4/Rng 1) BUR 2012-09-17
Black Snake Moan Blackguard (BG 30/Ftr 6/Rog 4) Open 2013-02-11
Blasphemy of Nature Lash of Hatred (Rng 26/BG 14) BUR 2012-12-07
Depths of Despair Lash of Hatred (Rng 26/BG 14) Open 2013-02-11
Devastating Bolt Gnomish Inventor (Rog 20/Wiz 20) BUR 2012-10-16
Eight Legged Master Weapon Master (WM 30/Brb 2/Ftr 8) Open 2011-05-27
Epic Sting of the Staff Staffmaster (Wiz 27/WM 13) UR 2013-03-28
Eye of Grolantor Battle Cleric (Clr 35/BG 3/Ftr 2) BUR 2015-01-22
Gaze into Divinity Divine Theurge (Clr 26/Wiz 13/Rng 1) UR 2013-12-20
Grim Destruction Monk (Mnk 40) Open 2013-02-11
Hidden Defense Fighter (Ftr 36/Mnk 2/BG 2) UR 2013-04-19
Knight of Memnor Bane Knight (BG 21/Src 19) BUR 2014-11-21
Mystic of Callarduran Divine Theurge (Clr 29/Wiz 11) Open 2014-03-18
Pungent Cloud Bringer Herald of Storms (Src 23/Drd 17) Open 2013-10-05
Purple Fang of Heaven Paladin (Pld 33/CoT 2/PDK 5) BUR 2012-10-18
Purple Heavenly Hound Paladin (Pld 29/CoT 6/PDK 5) BUR 2011-05-27
Radiant Harbinger Herald of Storms (Src 23/Drd 17) BUR 2013-06-07
Sage of the Deep Arcane Theurge (Wiz 26/Clr 13/Rng 1) Open 2013-12-04
Shreds of Life Lifethreader (Clr 20/WM 20) BUR 2012-12-31
Smite of the Black Hand Blackguard (BG 28/Rng 9/Mnk 3) BUR 2013-10-05
Song of the Light Caster Bard (Brd 39/Pld 1) BUR 2013-10-28
Sting of the Staff Staffmaster (Wiz 15/WM 25) UR 2013-03-28
Terrifying Point Barbarian (Brb 30/DwD 6/Ftr 4) BUR 2013-06-07
Whirling Dodger Weapon Master (WM 29/SD 10/Ftr 1) BUR 2013-05-31
Wrath of Nature Battle Druid (Drd 35/Ftr 4/Mnk 1) Secret 2013-10-07
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