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Bulls StrengthBulwark of the Choralist
BuommanBurning DripBurning Hands
Burrowing BracersBurying Them Alive
Butter Knife of AsteriakaCalad's ToothpickCaligrosto Blade
Calindra's AugmenterCall Lightning
Call of StoneCalling of the SkiesCallous Lash
Calm AugmenterCambionCamnizu's Strike
CamouflageCancerous SpreadCane of Hecate
CaniaCaniarCanimar's Eye Gouger
Canto of the SublimeCape of the Blood War GeneralCaptain
Captain's AugmenterCaptain BorianCarapace of Smoldering Stone
Cast in StoneCast into SpaceCaster
Caster's Clasps +10Castle Gaobin - BasementCastle Gaobin - Courtyard
Castle Gaobin - Main FloorCastle Gaobin - Second FloorCastle Gaobin - Tomb
Casycal's FrenzyCat's GraceCatacombs
Catacombs of DulvurothCatlike Augmenter
Caustic BoltCaustic CheckmateCaustic Gel
Caustic Healings BandCaustic SoundCaustic Weapon
Cave Troll LairCaverns of UnderdarkCelestial Defiance
CellarCenturies in WaitCentury Loop
Ceramic AugmenterCerecloth of the MisshapenCerin's Augmenter
Chain LightningChain of JaelynixChain of Solidarity
Chain of the Infernal MachineChainmail of the WeaveChains of Perdition
Chakka CorChakka ShokChameleons Jewel
Champion of TormChaos Calls to Chaos
Chaos GnomeChaos Roc FeatherChaosward
Chaotic DevotionCharacter Development, Skills, Abilities and FeatsCharge Transference Device
CharismaCharm MonsterCharm Person
Charm Person or AnimalChasme WingChauntea's Guard
Chicken FeedChicken SkullChill Augmenter
Chillfang's BinderChillflame's Folly
Chiming BeltChitinous Circle
Chitinous CurtainChittering Cacophony
Chorus of the DamnedChromatic KamaChytridio
Circle of DeathCircle of DoomCircle of Everlost
Circle of Unending PainCircle of the DamnedCirclet of Ahralihra Silverpaws
Circlet of KthurbashClairaudience/ClairvoyanceClarity
Clasp of NuhelClasp of XengClasps of Phlegethos
Clasps of the Forewarned
ClassesClaw of the BezekiraClaw of the Cinderscale
Claws of the DragonClaws of the Obyrith Lord
ClericCleric's Coil +10
Client ChangesCloak of Axeria Imperia - BardCloak of Axeria Imperia - Cleric
Cloak of Axeria Imperia - DruidCloak of Axeria Imperia - SorcererCloak of Axeria Imperia - Wizard
Cloak of SolisCloak of WorldlinessCloak of the Axerian Battlecaster (Cleric)
Cloak of the Axerian Battlecaster (Sorcerer)Cloak of the Axerian Battlecaster (Wizard)Cloak of the Axerian Grandmaster (Bard)
Cloak of the Axerian Grandmaster (Cleric)Cloak of the Axerian Grandmaster (Sorcerer)Cloak of the Axerian Grandmaster (Wizard)
Cloak of the ElementsCloak of the ImmortalCloak of the Imperium
Cloak of the Unjust
Clockwork AugmenterClockwork BombClockwork Boots
Clockwork Exhaust PipeClockwork FlamebladeClothing Shop
Cloud of BewildermentCloudkillCloudwalker
Cloven Hooves of the GoatCoalwalkerCoated Augmenter
Codex of Arcane AlgorithmsCodex of Axeria ImperiaCognition Engine
CogsCoil of Clarity
Coil of GrabdukCold AugmenterCold Feet
Cold Reason +10Coleopteran TargeCollective Mind
Color SprayColorless MarbleCombust
Command and Control WrenchCon's AugmenterConcentrated Extract of Cold
Concentric ProwConcordant CoronetConductive Mucus
Conduit of ArboreaConduit of BaatorConduit of Celestia
Conduit of ElysiumConduit of HadesConduit of Limbo
Conduit of MechanusConduit of the AbyssCone of Cold
Confinement EnduredConflagration InjectorConfluence of Silvanus
ConfusionConjurationConjurer's Implacable Foe
Conquest Through IntimidationConsecrated AugmenterConservancy
Constant DriftConstitutionContagion
Container of Countless Barbarian's FuriesContainer of Countless Devil's Rake AxesContainer of Countless Paladin's Laments
Container of Countless Resonating AxesContainer of Countless Sonicshock AxesContinual Flame
Contrary DestructionControl ClassControl Undead
ConvictionCool AugmenterCord of Cambion Desire
CordcullCormyrean Greatshield +9Cormyrean Greatshield 10
Cormyrean Greatshield 8Corner of the EyeCorona of Cold
Corona of OrigenCoronet of Mnemosyne
Corpse Lord - LaboratoryCorpse Lord - Tower Level 1Corpse Lord - Tower Level 2
Corpse Lord CavernCorpsebloom Fungal Blossom
Corroded AugmenterCorroding Bolt's BandCorrosive Freeze
Corrosive GraspCorrupted BladeCorrupted inventory
Corrupter of FateCorruptionCorruption of the Blood
Corruption of the LandCorruption of the MindCorruption of the Spirit
Corruption of the VoiceCorruptor's SnareCountless Calumnies
Courtesan's AugmenterCovered AugmenterCovering of the Bulezau
Coveted AdorationCovey of BloodCowl of the Secret Flame
Cowl of the SheinjaCozy AugmenterCrackleshard's Fang
Crackling WhallopCraft Armor
Craft WeaponCrafter's CharmCraftmans Toolkit
Craftsman's AugmenterCreate Greater UndeadCreate Shadowfiend
Create UndeadCreation and CompositionCreeping Cold
Creeping DoomCrest of SplendorCrest of Vile Darkness
Crimes Against MortalityCrimson's Avenger
Crimson DeathCrop Storage HouseCross-Class
Crossbow of MurderCrossbowman's GuardCrowded Soul Canopic
Crown of CorruptionCrown of EmpireCrown of Radiance
Crown of SwordsCrown of Uncanny StabilityCrown of the Cold Ones
Crown of the ImmortalCrown of the Twilight War
Crucible of Moliation
Cruel JestCruel ReliefCrumble
Crusader's AugmenterCrustacean Carapace
Crypt - Funeral HallCrypt - Hall of KingsCrypt - Level 1
Crypt - Level 2Crypt - Level 3Crypt - Level 4
Crypt - The Bone HordeCryptarch's TreadsCryptarch's Ward
Crystal ShardCrystal ShieldCrystalline Axe
Crystallized HoneyCulminate in Collision
Cure Critical WoundsCure Light WoundsCure Minor Wounds
Cure Moderate WoundsCure Serious WoundsCustom Changes
Cycle of ChilopodaCycle of LepismaCycle of Nemertinea
Cycle of PhoronideaD'qarite Robes
Dach'xilith'az'ichitylDagger Wielder's Augmenter
Damage TypesDance of BladesDancer's Augmenter
Dao-kinDark EclipseDark Glade
Dark MatterDarkened Moon (Cleric)
Darkened Moon (Disjunction)Darkened Moon (Druid)Darkened Moon (Sorcerer)
Darkened Moon (Wizard)DarkfireDarkness
Darksoul Dressing
Dead RingerDeadboltDeadening Augmenter
Deafening ClangDeafening GreavesDeath's Caress
Death's Helping HandDeath ArmorDeath Grip
Death Leads to RebirthDeath Ward
Death to ProtectDeathcryDeathless
Deathless and BoredDeathwarding AugmenterDebased Cleaver
Deck of WallsDecrepit CaveDeep Beetle Cave
Deep BreathDeep Depth's Disguise
Deep DwarfDeep FreezeDeep Frost Orc Cavern
Deep HalflingDeep OrcDeep Pit
Deep SewersDeepbat LairDeepbat Tunnels
Deepsilver NuggetDefend to DeathDefender Helm
Defense CubeDefiance of DarknessDefiled Temple
Defiled TombDefoliant BombDefoliate
Delayed Blast FireballDemandrilDemise of Dispater
Demon's Writing QuillDemondimDemonhive Spike
DemonwoodDepraved GuardDepths of Winter
Desert SiroccoDesert of VashykDesiccant Bomb
DespawningDespoiled LakeDespoiled Relic
Deva's TearDevariel ArrowsDevotions of Mystra
DexterityDextrous DefianceDiabolical Muse
DialetheiaDiceDifficulty class
Diluted Essence of ChaosDim AwarenessDimensional Stabilizer
Dimming SunDionaeaDire Buckler
Disable TrapDisarming AugmenterDisciple's Tower Level 1
Disciple's Tower Level 2Discombobulator RayDiscordia
Dispel MagicDisplacement
Distilled VilenessDivinationDivine Agony
Divine ChorusDivine FavorDivine Intervention
Divine ScreamsDivine Slinger
Divine powerDiviner's DefianceDivinity's Beckons
Docks of AscensionDodrudon's Transformer
Dominate AnimalDominate MonsterDominate Person
Don't Wish Upon This StarDoomDoppelganger
Double Axe Wielder's AugmenterDraak's Improbable Implement
Dragon BloodDragon DanceDragon Disciple
Dragonhide SlingDragonstorm Mage
Drape EntireDrape of the DivaDrape of the Doppelganger
Drastic NatureDread Cavern
Dream DwarfDreamdraught of AbjurationDreamdraught of Conjuration
Dreamdraught of DivinationDreamdraught of EnchantmentDreamdraught of Evocation
Dreamdraught of IllusionDreamdraught of NecromancyDreamdraught of Transmutation
Dreamlike ThoughtsDreams of the NeverbornDreams of the Poisoned Forest
DreyDriderDrider Cave
Drinker of the Chasm
Drone's NectarDrop
DrowDrow NobleDrow Sewers
Drow Slave PenDrow SlumDrow Tunnels
DrownDruidDruid's Grove
DryadkinDual Fate
Dualbox screenshotDualbox screenshot2Dualbox screenshot3
Dueling DrumDuellists Destiny
DuergarDuergar MinesDull Your Pain
Dulling the SensesDungeoncrawler +10Dust of Deconstruction
Dust of ResurrectionDustbone's Leg BoneDusty Crypt
DwarfreaperDwarven Defender
Dwarven Warchanter
EXtremely Rare Races
Each Seeking to ControlEagle's SplendorEagre Flow
Earth, Wind, and FireEarthquakeEasar's Rest
East RoadEcarian Shimmer
Echoes of CreationEchoing Ward
Eclipsing SoulEctoplasmic WeaveEdge of Extinction
Eel ForkEelskin Cape
Eelskin FlippersEelskin TunicEffervescent Aura
Efi'Eilon's AnkletsEfreets SealEgg Resin Fragment
Ekolid AntennaEkolid Resin SacEl'Ketura's Scales
Elder Helm of the WeaselElder SignEldouin Scourge
Eldritch CircleEldritch WaveElectric Iolite
Electric JoltElectric WhipElegance of the Erinyes
ElementalElemental CrownElemental Plane of Air
Elemental Plane of EarthElemental Plane of FireElemental Plane of Water
Elemental PlanesElemental Potion of Augmented AssaultElemental Potion of Augmented Defense
Elemental Potion of Augmented ProtectionElemental Potion of Fear ImmunityElemental Potion of Foundation of Stone
Elemental Potion of Freedom of MovementElemental Potion of Gust of WindElemental Potion of Improved Invisibility
Elemental Potion of Locate ObjectElemental Potion of Magical Nullification, BombardmentElemental Potion of Magical Nullification, Breach
Elemental Potion of Magical Nullification, ImplosionElemental Potion of Magical Nullification, PetrificationElemental Potion of Physical Immunity
Elemental Potion of PurificationElemental Potion of Skill Fortification, ParryElemental Potion of Weapon Sufflation, Cold, Major
Elemental ShieldElemental SwarmElemental Treads +10
Elemental Treads +9Elements of Destruction
Elira's FleetnessEllistrae's Veil
ElrinElysian Flower
Elysian Potion of Astral VisionElysian Potion of Celestial MightElysian Potion of Elemental Resistance
Elysian Potion of InvulnerabilityElysian Potion of SerenityElysian Potion of Solidarity
Elysian Silver BarElysian Silver ChainmailElysium
Elytron of IsisEmbellished AugmenterEmberstar
Embrace of the UnicornEmbroidered Augmenter
Empowered Guardian's BreastplateEmpowered Rhinocerous Hide
Empowered Wyrmling ScalesEmpyreal ParasolEmpyrean Indulgence
Empyrean LensesEmpyrean TourmalineEnchanter's End Game
EnchantmentEndless RoamingEndless War
EnduranceEndure ElementsEnergetic Burn
Energized FunicleEnergy BufferEnergy Drain
Energy ImmunityEnergy is AnethemaEnervation
EnervixEnfolding CaptivationEngulfed Within
Enhancement ResinEntangleEntle's Perpetual Propellant
Entomolinic Combat BootsEntropic ShieldEphemeridian Treads
Epic Arcane SpellsEpic Archer BowEpic Bard Spells
Epic Cleric SpellsEpic Druid SpellsEpic Flag of Ascension
Epic SpellsEpic ToughnessEpimethean Clasps
Epode of Form Mastery - ConstructEpode of Form Mastery - DragonEpode of Form Mastery - Humanoid
Epode of Form Mastery - OustiderEpode of Form Mastery - UndeadErinyes
Erinyes's StoleErinyes FeatherEronian Cloak
Erudite AugmenterEscarpment of Lyseida
Escarpment of PhysaridaEscarpment of TrichiidaEskar's Flame
Esoteric ExoticaEssence of Cambion DesireEssence of Frost
Essence of VitriolEssence of the Last WordEssence of the Teratomorph
Essence of the WhirlpoolEssential VenomEternal Order
Ethereal VisageEttercap EggsEuphoric Gaze
Evard's Black TentaclesEvelynn's Arcing ArmamentEvenstar
Ever Watchful EyeEvil BlightEvocation
Expeditious RetreatExperience beyond 60Expiation of Virtue
Exquisite RobesExtermination DustExtremely Rare Subrace
Eye of DeceptionEye of Everwhole
Eye of the Needle
Eye of the RhemorazEyebite
Eyestalk's SashEyestalk of Death
Face of MadnessFace of the FormlessFacile Augmenter
Facilitator's AugmenterFaith in Your DreamsFalcons Ache
Fall of FlameFallenFallen Angel
Fallon's HelperFalse LifeFalsidical
Fan of the FatesFarmer Bob
Farmer Bob's HouseFarmingFavored of Gruumsh
Favored of MielikkiFavored of Primus / Favored of GondFavored of Solonor
Fear ImmunityFear and LoathingFeat
FeeblemindFell AmputatorFence's Augmenter
FennimariteFestering GirdleFestering Wounds
Few Even SpeculateFey Potion of Blood FrenzyFey Potion of Camouflage
Fey Potion of Clear MindFey Potion of Critical StrikeFey Potion of Elemental Immunity, Acid
Fey Potion of Elemental Immunity, ColdFey Potion of Elemental Immunity, ElectricityFey Potion of Elemental Immunity, Fire
Fey Potion of Elemental Immunity, SonicFey Potion of FlamequenchingFey Potion of Heroism
Fey Potion of LevitationFey Potion of LuckFey Potion of Passwall
Fey Potion of Positive Energy ProtectionFey Potion of RegenerationFey Potion of Shadow Shield
Fey Potion of StoneskinFey Potion of TonguesFey Potion of Water Breathing
Feyward BombFeywildField Marshal's Augmenter
FieldsFiendish AdvisorFiendish Fingers
FighterFilament Edge
Final ConfrontationFinal JudgementFind Traps
Finding Anduin's Staff PiecesFinely Crafted ImportsFinger of Death
Finwittle's Marvelous PolishFire BeetleFire Extinguisher
Fire GnomeFire StormFireball
FirebrandFiredrake's Augmenter
First FrostFissureFist of God
Fists of FuryFists of PainFists of Righteousness
Flail of DesolationFlail of Solis
Flamboyant ChapeauFlame Arrow
Flame LashFlame StrikeFlame Weapon
Flamestrike's DenialFlamevolt's Friend
Flaming SphereFlaming WindFlare
Flash Heart's ImpalerFlashfootFlashy Augmenter
FlensingFlesh to Stone
Flotsam JellyFlow Breathing HelmetFlowing Thoughts
Fluidic ScalesFlurryFlurry of Fumes
Flux TorusFocusFoebane
Folds of FuryFolds of the Brazier
Font of PurificationFont of ResistanceFont of Vision
Forbidden CaveForbidden RitesForce to Flee
Forest GnomeForestweave JerkinForge of Ixion
Forger's BeaconForgotten Sea - Pelagic DescentFormian Longsword
FortitudeFoundation of StoneFounder's Friend
Fox's CunningFox Ridge
Fox TrailFreaky's FlailFreedom of Movement
Freezeweave's FieldFreezing Augmenter
Freezing DarknessFreezing FogFreezing Sphere
Freya's FistsFrido's DeathstarFrigid Defile
Fringe of ExistenceFrom Flayed HideFrost
Frost Orc CavernFrost WeaponFrostbitten Augmenter
FrostfeverFrostmaiden's TouchFrostweb's Freedom
Frozen FailureFrozen KissFrozen Mourning
Frozen Root of YggdrasilFrozen ScreamFrozen Stiff
Frozen Tear of CaniaFrozen UrgeFugue
Full-Plate of the QuickbloodFull Measure of MightFulminating Lapis
Fur of the ChefikFurchinFurious Augmenter
Furious Falchion of FlynnFury of ThanosFury of the Faithless
GSGakra'Rek BloodwineGalantrian Gleam
Galvanic ConeGamma's Gunk GetterGanglion Shroud
Garb of the KeynariGas-Charged Sickle
GateGaudy KnockoffGauntlet of the Sheinja
Gauntlets of GehennaGauntlets of Inverted ForcesGauntlets of Transposed Energy
Gaze into the AbyssGazra's Right
GearingGedlee's Electric LoopGegnar's Diamond Purse
Gelatin PodGelid SodaliteGelidian Platemail
Gelugon HeartGem GrenadeGem of Teleportation
GembombGemli's Gouging GoadGeneral Questions
GenieGermination MaskGetting Started
Ghostly VisageGhostwise HalflingGhoul Touch
Giants LairGift of UndeathGift of Valor
Girdle of GehennaGith PrecursorGith Sword
Glacier's Death KnellGladiator Bracers
Glaive of the ImmortalGleam of Gesendir
Gleam of StagangGleaming AugmenterGleaming Death
Gleaming Flail of the Ice FiendGleaming GlintGlobe of Invulnerability
GlomeroGloomstoneGloomy Woods
Glory of TorilGloves of the Amnizu

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