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Open Subrace Builds/QuasiOrb of AcidOrb of Charm
Orb of ColdOrb of Electricity
Orb of FireOrb of ForceOrb of Necessity
Orb of OsirisOrb of SoundOrc
Orc WarrenOrcus' Cold DessertsOrcus's Head of the Wand of Orcus
Orders WrathOreliusOrigen's Precaution
Origin and PurposeOrison of DelightOrnamented Augmenter
Orudin's EyeOrudin's OathOssified Larva
Osyluth ScalesOtis the Town DrunkOurean Emptiness
Out of BalanceOverlord's AugmenterOverwhelming Aura
Overwhelming SolidarityOwl's InsightOwl's Wisdom
Oxidized AugmenterPT - Air GenasiPT - Earth Genasi
PT - Fire GenasiPT - Water GenasiPads of Cruamros Trickfoot
Pads of the ShadowsPaladin
Pale Master
Palig's AugmenterPall over EverythingPallid Spirit
Palynological PantsPandect of Darkest Secrets - Accuracy Without SightPandect of Darkest Secrets - Armor Crafting
Pandect of Darkest Secrets - DisarmPandect of Darkest Secrets - Epic Energy ResistancePandect of Darkest Secrets - Knockdown
Pandect of Darkest Secrets - Rapid FirePandect of Darkest Secrets - ShieldsPandect of Darkest Secrets - Sneak Attack
Pandect of Darkest Secrets - Spell ResistancePandect of Darkest Secrets - SummoningPandect of Darkest Secrets - Weapon Crafting
Pane of PermafrostPanic InflictorPanoply of Lliira
Paradox of BladesParagon Arcane SpellsParagon Bard Spells
Paragon Cleric SpellsParagon Druid Spells
Paragon Spells
ParryParson's Preserver
Party EtiquetteParty Popper
Patch of Triton ScalesPathfinder's AugmenterPatterned Augmenter
Paws of the BezekiraPazunia Bestiary
Peasant DynastyPech LordPendant of Procan
Pendant of the SeerPenetrating DronePentavite Shield
Pentavite WeavePentavite weavePentite Crystal
PenumbraPenumbrium PlatePepy's Brooch of Life
Perceptive AugmenterPerfect Emptiness
Perfector NodulePerfidious ThrustPerish the Thought
Pernicious BitePersonifies the VoidPersuade
PesticidePestilencePetitioner's Skull
Petrified BrainsPetrified MushroomPetrified Wax
Phal's PhlattenerPhandal's BanePhantasmal Killer
PharlanPheromonal WeavePhiltre of Magical Aversion - Abjuration
Philtre of Magical Aversion - ConjurationPhiltre of Magical Aversion - DivinationPhiltre of Magical Aversion - Enchantment
Philtre of Magical Aversion - EvocationPhiltre of Magical Aversion - IllusionPhiltre of Magical Aversion - Transmutation
Philtre of Renewed VoicePhlegethoras
PhlegethosPhoelarch / Phoenixblooded
Phosphorescent BarrierPhycomid Spore Pouch
PigstickerPinnacle of Madness
PinwheelPit Fiend Venom Gland
Pit of MoliationPit of Moliation - Dark DescentPixie
Pixie's CrownPlains of War
Planar AllyPlanar BindingPlanar Perinarch
Planar Protector
Plane-Touched - Fire Genasi
PlanewalkerPlate Mail of the Immortal
Plate of AnubisPlate of DivinityPlate of Horlannan Mongoth
Plate of Thokul ZanbenPlate of Uxan UldorathPlate of the Holy Avenger
Plate of the Legendary MasterPlutonean Poplar Wood
PoisonPoisoned GiftPoisonous Whispers
Polar RayPolished Ekolid EyePolymorph Self
PopPortable CalliopePortable Hole
Portal TunerPortent of DoomPorter's Augmenter
Positive Energy BombPotion of Airy WaterPotion of Etherealness
Potion of Greater RestorationPotion of Life Unbound
Potion of the Third EyePouch of HoldingPouch of Perpetual Nature's Spite
Pouch of Perpetual Wicked RegretsPowdered Bitterbiter EggsPower Word, Stun
Power word, killPowerlevelPractice Arena
Prefect's AugmenterPremonition
Prescient's GuardPreservationPreserve Their Bodies
Preserved Balor HandPretender's PendantPreternatural Sight
Price of FailurePriest of Lathander the MorninglordPrimal Vengeance
Primeval MishapPrimeval SkullPrimordial Heart
Prince's CompanionPrismatic
Prismatic Dragon ArmorPrismatic SprayPristine Word
Probing HeaddressProfane InterdictionProfane Maelstrom
Prometheus PassProngs of MalagardProtection from Alignment
Protection from ElementsProtection from SpellsProtoflesh
Protogonean BarricadeProtogonean Girdle
Proxy CharactersPseudonatural Life
Psi ActuatorPsiforger's BootsPsionic Blinders
Pudding JumpersPullPulled from the Grave
Pulpa's Deconstructing Augweave NetPulverized EarthPurification Bomb
Purify the WorldPurple Dragon KnightPutrescent Mantle
Pygro's AugmenterPygros' AugmenterPyramid Energy
PyrePyre of ChaosPyroclastic Flow
Quasit StingerQuaternary Exotica
Quaternary UnionQuestsQuickening
Quinan's LifequencherQuiver of Endless Arctic Storm ArrowsQuiver of Endless Caustic Strike Arrows
Quiver of Endless Dung ArrowsQuiver of Endless Enchanted ArrowsQuiver of Endless Hunter's Points
Quiver of Endless Icebane ArrowsQuiver of Endless Talons of TorremorQuivers
Quixart's AugmenterRabbitslayerRaces
Radiance GenasiRadiant SabatonsRaging Augmenter
Rainbow PatternRainbow ScalesRaise Dead
Raji's WristsRakshasaRakshasa's Hide
Rakshasa CovenRakshasa Eye
Rampart of the Pact PrimevalRandom loot
RandomsRanged WeaponsRanger
Ranger's BowRanger's MedalRanger's Skin
Ranger BowsRano's Vendetta
Rapacious BuzzRapacious VenomRay of Enfeeblement
Ray of FrostRazhids Burial Chamber
Razor of Mith KuldarRazorvineReach Out and Kill Someone
Reaching for DamnationReaper's Last Refrain
Rebel's AugmenterRebukeRecidivism
Red Knight's Rampart
Red ShieldbreakerRedrawn RunesRedscale Bastion
Reflective AugmenterRefreshing AugmenterRegenerate
Regnant AugmenterReincarnationReinforced Augmenter
Remains ConstantRemembrance of IggwilvRemorhaz Fang
Remove Blindness/DeafnessRemove CurseRemove Disease
Remove FearRemove ParalysisRenny Signe
Repellent ReaverRepugnant TruncheonReshape the World
Resilient to the WorstResin-Crusted BootsResin Soaked Cloak
Resinous JewelResist ElementsResistance
Resounding RapierRestorationResurrection
Retribution's HandReunite the HalvesRevel in Madness
Reverse GravityReversion to NatureRevolting Ring
Rewards of LaborRezRhek
Rhyponean Recycler's BeltRhyponean Sorting GlovesRift Canyon
Rim of LachrymosaRim of Ra
RimefangRimeweave CloakRing-Bound Guecubu
Ring-Bound ManitouRing of Abyssal SorceryRing of Abyssal Wizardry
Ring of AcidRing of Adri VarmaRing of Blasts
Ring of BoltsRing of FireRing of Firewalking
Ring of IceRing of IerendianRing of Immortality
Ring of Inverted WeavesRing of KenastRing of Levitation
Ring of PasswallRing of RoyaltyRing of Srogil
Ring of WardingRing of Water Breathing
Ring of WindworkingRing of the Axerian Grandmaster (Bard)Ring of the Axerian Grandmaster (Druid)
Ring of the Axerian Grandmaster (Wizard)Ring of the Planar TravelerRing of the Planewalker
Ring of the Ready
Ring of the Spellslinger
Rip's Wretched Brewery
Rise and ShineRising SunRitual of Obeisance
RoachreignRoad to Town
Robes of Adoneiros HawklightRobes of House Jadon
Robes of LanatirRobes of Triel YsmathirRobes of the Dim Mak Master
Robes of the Greater MongooseRobes of the Innate OccultRobes of the Mongoose
Robes of the QuickbloodRobes of the Sapphire SkyRobes of the Sephae'Keliak
Rod of the Ghost
Rodor's RavagerRogueRogue's Cunning
Rot on the Vine
RoundRowan's GuardianRoyal Jelly
Ruby Rod of AsmodeusRucksack of Repetitive LockpicksRuined City Headmaster
Ruins of AnduinRuinvorn's Claw
Run Guide: Deadpool
Run Guide: Glithildhoul
Run Guide: Manatakloss
Run Guide: Solis Gaobin
Rune of ReturnRunestaff of AbjurationRunestaff of Conjuration
Runestaff of DivinationRunestaff of EnchantmentRunestaff of Evocation
Runestaff of IllusionRunestaff of NecromancyRunestaff of Transmutation
Rushing WaveRusted AugmenterSIMTools
SabrelightSafeguard from the DivineSagacious Augmenter
Sage's HouseSalaciousSalamander
Salamander's AugmenterSalandra's AugmenterSales Associate
Salt RaySalty SlippersSanctuary
Sand's AugmenterSandals of Perdurance
Sapphire of SagacitySaravin's SickleSaric's Slippers
Sash of ElysiumSash of PietySash of the Shedaklan Bogs
Satchel of Neverending Acidshock ShurikensSatchel of Neverending Balanced ShurikensSatchel of Neverending Enchanted Shurikens
Satchel of Neverending Monk's MantrasSatchel of Neverending Stings of the ArrowhawkSatchel of Neverending Vitriolic Shurikens
SatyrSaving throwSaya'Epa
Scales of the CymediahScales of the DragonbornScales of the Fiend
Scarab Shell ChipScareScarlet Lenses
Sceptre of LamentationSchlumpy's JusticeSchminstallation Guide
Scholar's AugmenterScholar's Augmenter UCScimitar of Father Nature
Scimitar of the HopelessScintillating ScarfScintillating Sphere
Scion of SorcereScooter's Tooter
Scorching RapierScornful DrillScream So Loud
Screaming GaleScreaming HeelsScreaming Pepper
Scrolls for Sorcerers to Carry AroundSeabladeSeacrystal Ward
Seal of Bitter HateSeal of DivinitySeal of the Sheinja
Sealed FateSealed WithinSearing Light
Searing RubySearing TongueSeasoned Drinker
Second BreathSecret SubraceSee Invisibility
Seeds of LifeSeek the SourceSeeker's Edge
Seer's CaravanSerene VisageSerengetti
Serious ImpedimentSerpent's AugmenterSerpent's Blood
Server InformationServer Rules
Server info pdfServers
Set's GuardSet WeaponsSevered from Prayer
ShadeShade SpikeShades
Shadow ConjurationShadow ElfShadow Elves - Barracks
Shadow Elves - Forest FloorShadow Elves - Forest VillageShadow Elves - Hall of Shadows
Shadow Elves - Priest's QuartersShadow ForestShadow Kaftan
Shadow OrbShadow PontiffShadow Shield
Shadow WrapShadow of ApocalypseShadowdancer
Shadowscale BeltShadowswyft
Shadowy AugmenterShaffi's HungerShaman's Augmenter
ShapechangeSharantyr's SilksShard
Sharp AugmenterShatter and RemakeShattered Innocence
Shauntea's ShardSheath of Stealth
Shedaklan AntipathShedding Shadows
Sheinja Dress UniformShelgarn's Persistent BladeShell of the Ekolid
Shelter from the HorrificShieldShield of Faith
Shield of VandalarShield of the SayartenShield of the Surrounded +10
Shimmer of the StyxShimmering Robes of the SilvermoonShimmersilk Robes
Shining with Sick LightShock And AweShock Weapon
Shocking GraspShockwaveShout
Shrieker's FollyShroud of Evernight
Shroud of Fell PowerShroud of Sune FirehairShroud of the Demon Bat
Shroud of the Earth MotherShroud of the Holy DeadSibilant Jewel
SidheSigil of Mystra
Sign of OrcusSignet of Axeria ImperiaSignet of Axeria Imperia - Bard
Signet of Axeria Imperia - ClericSignet of Axeria Imperia - DruidSignet of Axeria Imperia - Sorcerer
Signet of Axeria Imperia - WizardSignet of Bharrai
Signet of KharashSignet of MammonSignet of Manath
Signet of PhlegethosSignet of SathiaSignet of Set
Signet of VharaSignet of Yavi
Signet of the NineSigns of the ComingSilence
Silent AugmenterSilent NightSilks of the Arachill
Silks of the IridescentSilkweave MantleSilkweave Mantle - Bludgeoning
Silkweave Mantle - PiercingSilkweave Mantle - Slashing
Silver Carillon
Silver Moon InnSilver NimbusSilver Tongue
Silvermist BracersSine Qua Non
SingeSins of CommissionSiren
SirinaSirrioniteSix-Fingered Gloves
Skadi SickleSkaldclan
Skin UnfoldsSkin of the RafiaSkulk
SkullSkye BladesSlave Waystone
Slavers BoundSlay LivingSleep
Slight AugmenterSling Wielder's Augmenter
Slippers of SerenitySlowSlumber of Eons
Smelter's ProtectorSnow Covered Ruins
Snowball SwarmSnowshoes of StygiaSnug Augmenter
Solar-Forged FalchionSolar ArcSolar Forged Plate
Solar MoteSolarborn
Soldier's AugmenterSolicitous Augmenter
Sonar AmplifierSong's SubjugationSong of the East
Song of the WavesSonicshock SaviourSooty Crow Tavern
SorcererSorcerer Spell Selection Guide
Soul BindSoul CanopicSoul Jar
Soul MirrorSoul ProdSoul Stone of Lolth
Soul of the LightSoulbringerSoulcutter
Soulshadowed PearlSoulshearSound Burst
Sounding PostSoup
Source of ShadowsSower of SoulsSowing the Seeds of Death
Spacious Soul CanopicSparks' Persuader
SpartenSpasmodic SkegjaSpawn
Spawned by the RawSpear Wielder's Augmenter
Special WeaponsSpectral StampedeSpectre's Necklace
Spell BreachSpell MantleSpell Resistance
Spell failureSpell resistance (effect)Spell resistance (spell)
Spellchain of Wilamros ShortankardSpellguards of NetherilSpelljammer
Spelljammer CrossbowSpellscale of Trageon ChorsterSpellsong Gauntlets
SpellwardSpellweave of Filias EraemirSphere of Annihilation
Spider CaveSpider Gnome
Spike GrowthSpikeblossomSpiked Tail of the Cornugon
SpikerSpin of SkaproborSpinning Fever
Spiny FishSpirit WardSplint of Elril
Spore SiftersSpread of Heresy
Sprocket of the Infernal MachineSquishy
Ssasapi Messn'toSsithrak ArrowsSsithrak Bastard Sword
Ssithrak Battle GarbSsithrak BattleaxeSsithrak Bolts
Ssithrak BulletsSsithrak DaggerSsithrak Daikyu
Ssithrak DimensionSsithrak GreataxeSsithrak Greatsword
Ssithrak HalberdSsithrak Heavy FlailSsithrak Heavy Plate
Ssithrak KamaSsithrak KatanaSsithrak Kukri
Ssithrak Light CrossbowSsithrak Light FlailSsithrak Longsword
Ssithrak MaceSsithrak Monk WrapSsithrak Rapier
Ssithrak RobesSsithrak ScytheSsithrak Shortbow
Ssithrak Skirmisher ScaleSsithrak SlingSsithrak Spear
Ssithrak WakazashiSsithrak WarhammerSsithrak Weapons
Staff Wielder's Augmenter
Staff of AmarcoiStaff of Axeria ImperiaStaff of Axeria Imperia - Cleric
Staff of Axeria Imperia - DruidStaff of Axeria Imperia - SorcererStaff of Axeria Imperia - Wizard
Staff of AxilarStaff of EmrysStaff of Forsaken Sorcery
Staff of HeradisStaff of KantheaStaff of Kyon
Staff of ValentarStaff of the ArchmageStaff of the Axerian Grandmaster (Cleric)
Staff of the Axerian Grandmaster (Druid)Staff of the Axerian Grandmaster (Sorcerer)Staff of the Axerian Grandmaster (Wizard)
StaffmasterStain of the Heavens
Standard RaceStandard SubraceStandard of Anhur
Standard of AvernusStandard of CaniaStandard of Maladomini
Standard of MalbogeStandard of MinaurosStandard of Shedaklah
Star of the DeepStarfall CassockStarfire Force
StargazerStatesman's Garb
Static AugmenterStatic ChargeStatic Field
SteadfastSteadfast SlippersSticky Fingers
Stiction BombStill AugmenterStillsound
Stimulating ScreamSting of the OsyluthStinger
Stinger's BarbsStinging FungusStinking Cloud
Stoic FaithStole of ThalasiaStone Bones
Stone EaterStone ShatterStone of Rebirth
Stone of SuccorStone of the WindriderStone to Flesh
Storm TowerStorm of VengeanceStormlight
Strange TowerStrange Tower - Dungeon Level 1Strange Tower - Dungeon Level 2
Strange Tower - Ground FloorStrange Tower - Level 2Strange Tower - Level 3
Stranger's BeckonsStrengthStrength of Discipline
StridentStrike Them DownStrike of the Maelephant
StrongarmStrongheartStuds of Ricorin Dagarkin
StygiaStygian BandStygian Ice
Stygian IcicleStygian RazorStygias
StyxwalkersSuave AugmenterSubby
Submerged CryptSubmerged TunnelsSubrace
Subtle InfluenceSuccubus Tail
Suffocating Soul CanopicSulfurous MantleSummon Creature I
Summon Creature IISummon Creature IIISummon Creature IV
Summon Creature IXSummon Creature VSummon Creature VI
Summon Creature VIISummon Creature VIIISummon Shadow
Summon creature VISummonsSunbeam
Sunbringer's AugmenterSunburstSuperheated Slicer
Superior Strategist's ChainmailSupernatural AugmenterSurfacer Diplomat's Ring
Surgeon's AugmenterSurvival AbilitiesSusurrus of Sorcere
SvirfneblinSwamp Devil Hide
Swamp of DecaySwarming SymphonySwashbuckler's Augmenter
Swashbuckler's SashSwifty Slicer
Sword of the Dragon SlayerSwordsman's AugmenterSylvan Diadem

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