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Submerged TunnelsSubrace
Subtle InfluenceSuccubus TailSuffocating Soul Canopic
Sulfurous MantleSummon Creature ISummon Creature II
Summon Creature IIISummon Creature IVSummon Creature IX
Summon Creature VSummon Creature VISummon Creature VII
Summon Creature VIIISummon ShadowSummon creature VI
SummonsSunbeamSunbringer's Augmenter
SunburstSuperheated SlicerSuperior Strategist's Chainmail
Supernatural AugmenterSurfacer Diplomat's RingSurgeon's Augmenter
Survival AbilitiesSusurrus of Sorcere
SvirfneblinSwamp Devil HideSwamp of Decay
Swarming SymphonySwashbuckler's AugmenterSwashbuckler's Sash
Swifty SlicerSword of the Dragon Slayer
Swordsman's AugmenterSylph HairSylvan Diadem
Tactician's AugmenterTactile Augmenter
Tailored Physiology
Tainted DesertTainted HillsTalisman of Pazunia
Tallfellow HalflingTalon of the Hollow Soul
Tanaric TaintTanarukkTank
Tanned Augmenter
Tapestry of NightTaphrinoTaramanus
Tarnished AugmenterTasha's Hideous LaughterTaste of Misery
TauntTear of Selune
TeardropTechnical Questions (How do I...?)Teeming Soul Canopic
Teldar's Dilemma +10Teldar's Toolbelt of HoningTeldar's Travail
Telescoping Ten-Foot PoleTempestTempest of Blood
Templar's AugmenterTemple EntranceTemple Store Room
Temple of TyrTemporal AutocasterTemporal Stasis
Temporary Hit PointsTenebrous JetTenser's Transformation
Tentacles of the Rotting LordTestify to the Carnage
Thalasian EdgeThat Which Forebodes
Thaumaturgic NullifierThaumaturgic VenomThe Abyss
The Abyss - Hall of the Hell ForgeThe AlchemistThe Altar of Legends
The Badger's ChallengeThe Beast Shall AwakenThe Blade of Enrith
The Blood MoonThe Blood MoorThe Bonds Weaken
The BoreThe ButterflyThe Call of Justice
The CemetaryThe Cinder FlatsThe Crossroads
The Cymbal's GiftThe Dead SunThe Dead Wood
The Deeper SecretsThe Drowned City
The Duellist's BlasphemyThe Duellist's DreamThe Duellist's Nightmare
The Earnest ReverentThe Eternal RedThe Excommunicant
The Eye of VecnaThe Falling ShadeThe Filthy Mundane
The Fine PrintThe Frozen RoadThe Furrow
The Gaping CinctureThe Gasping SignetThe Generalist +10
The Grasping SignetThe Great PlateauThe Gulf Between Planes
The HellstoneThe Hooded Man
The Horrors WithinThe IcicleThe Kalinos Edge
The Kobold's PetThe Last AgeThe Lone Wolf's Locket
The Maddened RemnantsThe Most Disturbing Thing
The Nether CavesThe Oltec OracleThe Orb of Dragonkind
The Phylactery of Aztri-VocaThe Pristine Way
The Quality of Mercy
The Ritual That RousesThe Ruins of the Arcane AcademyThe Sage
The Sardonic StaffThe Serpent's CoilThe Skull of Iyachtu Xvim
The Slaying HookThe Spider SignetThe Sstadi S'benat
The Temperature Never RisesThe Ties that Bind
The Time of ComingThe Translation ChamberThe Twilight Coil
The Ultimate TruthThe Unbroken Way
The Ur-WardThe Walking Dead
The WardenThe Web Level 1The Web Level 2
The Web Level 3The Whirling Dancer
The WildernessThe WizardThe Workshop
The World UnravelsThe Wrist BoneThere is No Wheat
TheurgeThey're Watching You
They Enslaved OthersThickened AugmenterThieves' Hood
Thieves' Tools 21This Laxity EnabledThoraxian Shell
Thought Given FormThousand TidesThraxxia's Embellished Weave
Threads of LifeThreads of the Harbinger
Thri-KreenThrowing Axe Wielder's AugmenterThulean Coil
ThunderbornThunders of Abysm
Tiamat ToothTide of Battle
TieflingTiefling HornTime Stop
Timely AvoidanceTinker GnomeTitan's Blade
Titan's TopTitan's WrapTitanic Spork
To Fear the NightTo Reign in HellTo Serve a Horrible Destiny
To The PointTo Wake the Dead
Tomb of ShadowsTongue of Khin-OinTongue of the Pit Fiend
Tool BeltTorch of AbsorptionTorch of the Unwary
TormentilTorrential Current
Tortoise ShellTorturer's TouchTouch of Mockery
Touch of the GraveTouch of the WightTough Beard's Razor
Tournament ArenaTower CavernTower Ruins
Town GreeterTown WatchTown of Ascension
ToyshopTracker's AugmenterTraction Bomb
TragidoreTranquil Augmenter
TranscendanceTranslucent TeethTransmundane Ward
TransmutationTransmutation SpellsTransmuter's Adversary
Trap Maker - ThunderTrap MakersTrappings of the Weave
Travelers of the UttercoldTravelling Merchant
Treachery and LustTreaded Slaad TongueTreads of Thokul Zenben
Treads of the Dread MandrillTreads of the ExaltedTreant
Treasure ScentTremble in the BonesTrendy Treads
Trevor's TombraiderTrickery's FriendTrickster's Augmenter
Trinidad's Impossible KamaTrinny's Beautifier
Triton HornTrollTrue Prismatic Blade
True Resurrection (effect)True Resurrection (spell)
True SeeingTrue StrikeTsidao's Mental Fortress
Tsidao's Refulgent ReflectorTulaniTunic of Boreas Whitewind
Tunic of Jamamros PegasonTunnels of Underdark
TurnTurner ClericTwice-Damned
Twice Cursed ArmorTwilight Ice
Twirling DoomTwo-Bladed Sword Wielder's AugmenterTymora's Lucky Charm
Tymoran EdgeTyrin's AugmenterUEF
UFOUlarin's Oath
UlithUltra-Rare Subrace
Uluo's BewildermentUmber MazeUnceasing Laceration
UndeadUndeath's Eternal FoeUndeath to Death
Underdark Crystal CaveUnderdark ForestUnderdark Grotto
Underdark LakeUnderdark RiverUndertow
Undesirable Effect ImmunityUndine ScaleUndying
Undying FlameUnfurling of WingsUnholy Suffering
Unicorn HornUnitary FocusUniversal Contumacy
Universal SolventUnknown VindicationUnname
Unnatural FormUnnatural MasteryUnnatural Ways
Unsanitary SacUnsettling TalesUnswerving Augmenter
Up from the DepthsUrdunnir
Urge to DestroyUrn of Unremitting DraughtsUroboros Peak
Usurper's Augmenter
Utterance of IcewindVaatiVakarri's Vein
Valheru PlateValkyrieValley of Glithildhoul
Vampiric TouchVampyr wolfVandalar's Plate
Vanguard of the DaystarVaragellanVaramir's Vengeance
Vashyk's FallVashyk's Ruin
Vectored AugmenterVeil of KingsVelon's Wrists
Velsharoon's Chosen
Venir's ValidationVerbenaVerdant Prince
VeridicalVest of Escape
Vestments of the GardenbornVial of Anarchic WaterVial of Axiomatic Water
Vial of Concordant WaterVial of Glacial WaterVial of Sanctified Water
Vicious SleetVicious Warble
Vigilant AugmenterVile DeformityVile Delight
Vine MineViper's RegretViper Tree Seeds
VirtueVirulent CarverVisage of Doom
Visage of Elemental ChaosVisage of LolthVisage of the Death Knight
Viscid GlobVisor of Cursed ChaosVisor of Vigilance
Vitiarch's TalonVitriolic EmeraldVitriolic Ray
Vitriolic SphereVitter's Kinetic BoosterVitter's Velocity
VocalizeVoid SaltsVoidflame
VoidwindVortex of TeethVote
Vrock's FeastVulpine Fane
Wail of DoomWail of the bansheeWaisting Away
Wall of FireWand of Acid ImmunityWand of Bitter Infliction
Wand of Cold ImmunityWand of Electrical ImmunityWand of Healing
Wand of LichdomWand of Noxious FogWand of Wrath
Wandering WyrmWar's FistWar Camp
War CryWard of the IxitxachitlWarlyon's Ward
Warming AugmenterWarmongerWarpriest's Augmenter
Warrior's ZealWatchtower of Kil'dur'ok - Lower LevelWatchtower of Kil'dur'ok - Upper Level
Water-Filled GogglesWater Shrike NestWater Weird Essence
Water of OceanusWavecaller's NeckletWay of the Drone
Way of the RivenWays of PartingWeakness of the Flesh
Weapon FinesseWeapon Master
Weapon of ImpactWeapons Shop
WeirdWellspring of OceanusWellspring of Power
WemicWhat Lies BeyondWhen It Grows Very Dark
Where Madness DwellsWhip Wielder's Augmenter
Whisper GnomeWhisper of the Entity
Whistling CannonWhite Dragon EggsWhite Dragon Helm
White Dragon ToothWilbur's Walking StickWild Dwarf
Wild ElfWillWind of the Crimson Dawn
Wings of the DevaWings of the Storm
Winters MiseryWisdomWisp of Cloud Giant Skin
Wistan's Gouge-GuardWistan's Sever-ShieldWistan's Wallop-Warder
Witcher's Denial
Witchfire MirrorWithered PallWithering Depths
WizardWizard's FingerboneWizard's Greater Combat Staff
Wizard's Supreme Combat StaffWizard Tower Ruins
Wondrous ItemsWondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - Abjuration
Wondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - ConjurationWondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - DivinationWondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - Enchantment
Wondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - EvocationWondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - IllusionWondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - Necromancy
Wondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - Spell PenetrationWondrous Tome of Ancient Lore - TransmutationWood Elf
Word of BalanceWord of FaithWorm-Borne Boots
Wounding WhispersWrackWraith
WraithbladeWrap of FistandantilusWrap of the Dark Prince
Wreckage of FleshWren's Love TapWretched Cleaver
Wrist of the RyukaissenWrists of ResistanceWrit of Passage
Writhing WreathWrong
Xanthene Cover
Xanthene FoldsXanthene GarmentsXanthene Raiment
Xanthene TrappingsXanthene VestmentsXanthene Wrap
XendiXendi's LocketXeph
Yeti Hide ArmourYetiskin Cloak
Yetiskin GlovesYgrette's Ephemeral LocketYgrette's Evanescent Locket
Yi HuYomi's Optimizer
Your Thick SkullYuan-TiYuan-Ti Coven
YukioYvette's AugmenterZeke
Zen AugmenterZendarfil's FeintZendarfil's Manuever
ZenythriZephir's Shiv
Zephyr's Song +10ZerialZerial's Token
Zhentarim Cloak +10Zhentarim Cloak +9Zhentarim Outpost
Zorbgot's Hive
Zug ZugZyco

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