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Warning >> Spoilers <<

If you prefer to get the full experience of searching for the tags and where they are to be found, do not read further.

Tags have been reworked in the Update 2010-02-27.

Note that "run tags" and "pre-LL accomplishments" are separate things, although some runs can award both. Run tags permit you to use gear with tag requirement for that run, and may act as prerequisites for going on other runs (such as the Xulrae->Lolth->Immortal tour). Pre-LL accomplishments are not generally required for any runs or gear (a few exceptions to this have been introduced such as armors dropped in the Ancient Kings area) but give small bonuses. Run tags never have any cap but almost all of the pre-LL accomplishments do. For example, killing Xulrae with no immortal in party will give everyone in party both the Xulrae run tag and the pre-LL accomplishment, whereas killing her with an immortal helper will give only the run tag. Further, only pre-LL accomplishments are transferred when merging a proxy, but not any run tags. A lot of these accomplishments require you to achieve a kill count before you finish off the tag giver either in the area of the tag and/or the previous map, porting in at the point of the boss kill will in most cases not give you the tag, if unsure ask other players.

Note: The 35 (and higher) tags/accomplishments (with a few exceptions) can only be obtained if no player above level 40 has entered the areas during the current server reset, you will receive a message in red informing you if a 41+ character has previously been in any of the tag or kill count zones. This means it is no longer possible for a high level character to drag low levels to obtain Loth, MoaD & Immortal tags.

Your run tags can be listed with "!list acc", the pre-LL accomplishments can be listed with "!list acc prell".

Pre-Legendary Tags

There are 62 total pre-LL accomplishments, including 12 dragons.

Accomplishment Level Cap Where Benefit Killcount Notes
Half-Orc Chief Level 7 Bandit Camp +1 CrT, +1 DT, +1 OL, +2 PP, +1 SetT Yes
Hive Mother Level 10 Underdark Crystal Cave +1% Slashing, +1% Elec Yes Remember to pick up the hive mother belly she drops as this is the required item for the Hero Stone accomplishment. Drops 3 level 5 random weapons. Loot is Level capped.
Black Dragon Disciple Level 10 Disciple's Tower Level 2 +1 Disc, +2 Perf, +1 Taunt, +1 UMD Yes Drops 3 level 5 random weapons. True Seeing potions are a good idea as the Flying Eyes will cast Invisibility making them impossible to target before they cast Magic Missiles at you.
Kuo Toa Chief Level 10 Kuo-Toa Chief's Hut +1 Bluff, +1 Prsd, +1 Tumb Yes Be sure to grab the Ring of Water Breathing from the Kuo-Toa Hatchery while you are in the area.
Kobold Reanimator Level 13 Kobold Sanctuary +1 Bluff, +1 UMD Yes Remember to pick up the key he drops as this allows access to the Crypt Thing area.
Goblin Commander Level 13 Goblin Den +1 Bluff, +1 Prsd, +1 Tumb Yes Go down the hole to get to the Goblin Burrow (Kennel Master area).
Crypt Thing Level 15 Defiled Tomb +1 CrT, +1 SetT Yes If left alive too long the Crypt Thing will repeatedly banish you to the side rooms in the area which you will have to fight your way out of.
The Rat King Level 15 Deep Sewers either via Corpse Lord Cavern or past Beholder Prison (although this route not recommended for low level characters) +1 Bluff, +1 Hide, +1 Prsd, +1 Tumb Yes The Rat King has True Seeing so Invisibility will not prevent him attacking you
Hero Stone Level 15 Wizard Tower Ruins - North of Town (party tag) +1% Sonic No You will only receive the Hero Stone if you have the Hive Mother Belly in your inventory, it is transferable though.
Kennel Master Level 15 Goblin Burrow +5 AE Yes The Sheath of Stealth drops here once per server reset, very useful for low level characters as it casts Improved Invisibility twice per rest. If you are the first in this area for the current reset the door to the Kennel Master will open, if not it will be locked and you will have to find another way to get to him.
Ice Kobold King Level 16 Ice Kobold Hut +1% Cold, +1 Bluff, +1 Prsd Yes Free rest zone. If you are a large size (example Drider) subrace character you may have to enter his hut more than once to make him spawn as the spawn trigger can be 'touchy'.
Ogre Lord Level 16 Ogre Caverns via Swamp of Decay +1% Bludgeoning, +1 Intim Yes Two Etheral Cutpurses spawn near the Ogre Lord kill them quickly if you don't want to have items stolen.
Minotaur Chieftain Level 19 Minotaur Maze via Swamp of Decay +1% Piercing, +1 Intim Yes Drop 1 level 20 random weapon each. See the lower level for another chieftan. Loot is Level Capped
East Road Bandit Chief Level 20 East Road +1 CrT, +2 DT, +1 OL, +3 PP, +5 Ride, +1 SetT No Can be lured to The Crossroads where he will engage the Gypsies and you can potentially rest at the far side of the map whilst recharging spells, etc. Very high rest spawn chance, not advisable to rest here!
Dragon: Cesspool Level 20 Giants Lair +1 CrA, +1 Crw Yes Drops 3 level 20 random weapons. Requires specific Fear immunity, generic Mind Spell immunity will not work. Loot is level capped.
Staff of Anduin Level 20 Assemble in Forgotten Forest (Hazel's Tower) / break at Ruins of Anduin +1% Mag, +1% Pos, +2 Heal No Try and avoid being pickpocketed by the Ethereal Cutpurses present on some of the maps as they have a nasty habit of stealing staff pieces
Corpse Lord Level 21 Corpse Lord - Laboratory +1% Neg Yes You will find that dominated creatures will not make the final transit with you which could leave Oltum handlers in a tricky situation.
Lava King Level 22 Lava Pit +1% Fire, +1% Pos, +1 Intim Yes Free rest zone
Formian Matriarch Level 22 Abandoned Mine +1% Slashing, +1 Prsd Yes High rest spawn chance, go back to the Lower Mine if you need to rest
Dragon: Dracolich Level 22 Forbidden Cave under Crypt - Level 3 +1% Piercing, +1% Slashing, +1% Neg Yes Use a Heal ring (Ring of Nine Lives from the Merchants Emporium)to lower its hit points making this fight a lot less painful. Requires specific Fear immunity, generic Mind Spell immunity will not work. Free rest zone
Gray Render Queen Level 22 Tainted Desert +1% Bludgeoning, +1 Intim Yes The renders cast stat reducing spells which effectively clear your spellbooks if you are a non-spontaneous caster or your memorised spells if you are
Hendron Level 23 Hendron's Sanctuary +1 Conc, +1 Lore, +1 Splc, +2 UMD Yes Free rest zone
Elder Orb Level 24 Beholder Prison under Gnoll Quarters +1% Mag, +2 Srch Yes Free rest zone
Dragon: Kardkildontar Level 25 Lair of Kardkildontar +1 CrA, +1 CrW Yes You will need to pick up both the key and the Rothe Tusk Horn dropped by Jug Rum the Hobgoblin mini-boss in the area above the dragon as using the horn opens the final door to it. Requires specific Fear immunity, generic Mind Spell immunity will not work.
Dragon: Spawn of Uroboros Level 25 Lair of the Spawn +1% Cold Yes Requires specific Fear immunity, generic Mind Spell immunity will not work. Free rest zone
Dragon: Spawn of the Deep One Level 25 Tunnels of Underdark +1 CrA, +1 CrW Yes Requires specific Fear immunity, generic Mind Spell immunity will not work.
The Three Hags Level 30 Covey of Blood +1% Mag, +2 Taunt Yes Drop 1 level 29 random weapon each. Loot is Level capped. Free rest zone
Rhazid Level 30 Razhids Burial Chamber via Farmer Bob's House +1% Neg, +1 Conc, +1 Lore, +1 Splc Yes If available Silence somebody in combat with him as this will prevent him rebuffing and casting all manner of unpleasant spells, also allows use of Bigby 7 or 9 to hold him in place once you have removed his spell shield. Has a low dc vorpal weapon attack which you may discover if you stay in combat with him for too long. If you have access to Time Stop you can use this then Mord and Bigby before the spell shield auto recasts. Free rest zone
Mother of the Corn Level 30 Abandoned Farm House +1% Div, +3 Heal Yes Exotic damage best, the Children of the Corn have a Quivering Palm attack that can Stun or Instakill, Free rest zone
Dragon: Asimathas Level 30 Ancient's Lair North of Ruins of Anduin +1% Fire No Drops 3 level 29 random weapons. Requires specific Fear immunity, generic Mind Spell immunity will not work. Loot is Level capped.
Cave Troll King Level 30 Cave Troll Lair +1 Intim, +3 Regen Yes Free rest zone
Dragon: Bloodpool Level 32 Lair of Bloodpool +1% Acid Yes Requires specific Fear immunity, generic Mind Spell immunity will not work. Free rest zone.
Dragon: Grehnaxas Level 32 Deep Pit +1% Acid Yes Requires specific Fear immunity, generic Mind Spell immunity will not work.
Dragon: Lithiucshas Level 32 Lair of Lithiucshas +1% Elec No Requires specific Fear immunity, generic Mind Spell immunity will not work.
Shadow Lord Level 33 Shadow Elves - Hall of Shadows +1% Neg, +2 Hide, +1 Parry Yes Best to Bigby him if possible to prevent him shadow stepping directly to you and landing a fatal attack, while here vist the Shadow Elves - Priest's Quarters to pick up the key required for access to the Shadow Pontiff area, Free rest zone
Shadow Pontiff Level 35 Morgue of Darkness +1% Neg, +2 Hide, +1 Parry, +2 Tumb Yes The clerics implode, the morticians cast flesh to stone and prior to this Ruination (the Lich) lives up to his name unless you disable him with silence or Bigbys. Free rest zone
Queen Spider Level 35 The Web Level 3 +1% Piercing, +3 Srch Yes Free rest zone
Queen Zerya Level 35 Abandoned Temple Level 3 +1% Sonic Yes After the recent (2018) change Zerya is much easier to defeat without the assistance of casters, she is now vulnerable to critical hits and has a breakable damage shield. Choose ONE specific elemental type (Acid, Fire, Cold, Electric Sonic) and eventually her resistance to it will drop and she will take massive damage, Free rest zone
Captain Angus Materi Level 35 Zhentarim Outpost +1 Disc, +2 Parry Yes Try and keep him away from your characters (Wall of Stone in the doorway works quite well) as he has Devastating Critical and is immune to Bigby 7 & 9, spam instant death spells (Finger of Death, Circle of Death, Implosion, Wail of the banshee, Drown, etc.) until he fails his saving throw (he also has very high saves so you'll likely be fishing for 1's), he will at some point use a shadow shield potion rendering death magic ineffective until it has been dispelled, Free rest zone
Archmage Elanna Nightstar Level 35 Zhentarim Outpost +1 Conc, +1 Lore, +1 Splc Yes She has a few Greater Ruin casts, best to use summons to soak them before engaging. Free rest zone
Hel and cohorts Level 35 Loki's Hall +1% Sonic No Immune to most spells (some persistent AoEs work), weapons with Sonic damage are effective, use Sunbursts and Undeath to Death to clear out annoying spectres that spawn here. Free rest zone
Solis Quest Level 35 Castle Gaobin - Basement for Neutral & Evil, Castle Gaobin - Second Floor for Good (after a visit to the basement) +1% Neg (G), +1% Mag (N), +1% Div (E) No Extremely high rest spawn chance.
Water Shrike Nest Mother Level 37 Water Shrike Nest +1% Bludgeoning, +1% Cold Yes Underwater area, they cast Drown and Great Thunderclap (the stunners) so immunity to this effect and high immunity/resist to sonic damage is advisable, Free rest zone
Black Dragon Disciple Knight Level 37 Mount P'Reeth - Foothills +1 Disc, +2 Perf, +1 Taunt, +1 UMD Yes There is a high damage fire trap near the barriers, best to avoid repeatedly running over it unless everybody in the area has very high fire immunity/resistance. Extremely high rest spawn chance.
Axilar the Tainted Level 38 Submerged Crypt +1% Neg, +1 Conc, +1 Lore, +1 SetT Yes Disable with Bigby 7 or 9 unless you want to be spammed with Greater Ruins, Free rest zone
Ancient Kings Level 40 Crypt - Hall of Kings +1 Fort Yes Probably one of the most difficult level 40 accomplishments, the Umbras that spawn on destruction of the Ancient Guardians can be problematic to kill if you do not have high AB and well buffed weapons. A cleric with Implosion can make this significantly easier. Not advisable to do this as a non-immortal unless you know what you are up against! Free rest zone
Drider Chief Level 40 Drider Cave +2 Disc, +1 Parry Yes Free rest zone
Dragon: Deadpool Level 40 Lair of Deadpool +1% Acid, +1 Appr, +1 CrA, +1 CrW Yes Attempting to melee Deadpool to death is an effort in futility unless you have a weapon with extreme GMW and exotic damage types, caster help is almost a necessity to achieve this accomplishment. Massive Acid environmental area damage, if you do not have enough immunity/resistance you will be spamming heals just to stay alive. Requires specific Fear immunity, generic Mind Spell immunity will not work. No rest zone.
Dragon: Glithilhdoul Level 40 Valley of Glithildhoul +1% Acid, +1% Cold, +1% Elec, +1% Fire, +1% Sonic, +1 Appr Yes Immune to IGMS, Vortex of Teeth and Rebuke are effective can also be beaten to death with suitably buffed weapons. Requires specific Fear immunity, generic Mind Spell immunity will not work. Free rest zone
Dragon: Wastalgraniq Level 40 Lair of Wastalgraniq +1% Elec, +1 Appr, +1 CrA, +1 CrW No Use exotic damage IGMS, Destruction, Vortex of Teeth, etc. also acid damage on suitably buffed weapons. Requires specific Fear immunity, generic Mind Spell immunity will not work.
Mother of all Dragons No immo in party Mother of all Dragons +1% Fire, +2 Appr, +1 Reflex (only if completed without immortal aid) Yes Use exotic damage IGMS, Destruction, Vortex of Teeth, etc. Requires specific Fear immunity, generic Mind Spell immunity will not work. NOTE: You will need to kill the Yuan-Ti to get the KC requirement, the Draconians do not appear to count for this purpose.
Xulrae No immo in party Run Guide: Manatakloss +2 CrT, +2 DisT, +3 OL, +1 Parry, +2 SetT Yes Extremely high rest spawn chance
Lolth No immo in party Run Guide: Manatakloss +1% Div Yes No rest zone, use the Ring of the Planar Traveler
Drow Academy Headmaster Level 40 Drow Academy in Manatakloss - House District +1 Conc, +1 Lstn, +1 Lore, +1 MovS, +1 Splc, +1 Spot Yes The orb that ports you into (and the one inside that ports you out) the academy will only activate when there are no enemies left on the map, if the Headmaster does not show up make sure you have killed all the enemies inside and click on the fountain just outside his room, he is behind trapped & locked doors which given time he will open to get to you (stand away from the doors once he is spawned to aggro him), the switch to activate the doors is in the centre of the room, Free rest zone
Matron De'Nat Level 40 House De'Nat in Manatakloss - House District +1% Elec, +1 Lstn, +1 MovS, +1 Spot Yes Extremely high rest spawn chance
Matron Fen'Lis Level 40 House Fen'lis in Manatakloss - House District +1% Fire, +1 Lstn, +1 MovS, +1 Spot Yes Extremely high rest spawn chance
Matron Gur'atsz Level 40 House Gur'atsz in Manatakloss - House District +1% Acid, +1 Lstn, +1 MovS, +1 Spot Yes Extremely high rest spawn chance
Matron Khur'aan Level 40 House Khur'aan in Manatakloss - House District +1% Cold, +1 Lstn, +1 MovS, +1 Spot Yes Extremely high rest spawn chance
The Queen Matron Mat'Lis'sk Level 40 House Mat'Lis'sk in Manatakloss - House District +1% Sonic Yes Extremely high rest spawn chance
Handmaiden of Lolth Level 40 Temple of Lolth In Manatakloss - House District +1% Div, +1 Will Yes Collect the 7 spider body parts and put them on the altar to create a spider key that opens the final room where the Handmaiden resides (the key is in fact only consumed if you click on the altar inside the room containing the Anointed Sacrifice, Free rest zone
Ruined City Headmaster No level cap The Ruins of the Arcane Academy in The Drowned City +1% Spell Damage Yes Free rest zone
Immortal No immortal in party The Abyss via Sage's House +1% Pos Yes If available Silence somebody in combat with him as this will prevent him spamming greater ruins (he has at least 20!), otherwise try to soak the ruins with summons. Exotic damage is most effective against him, Finger of Death, Isaac's Greater Missile Storm, Vortex of Teeth, Destruction, he is immune to Bigby spells except Bigby's Interposing Hand, elemental, physical damage spells and melee attacks slowly whittle away his hit points although they mostly do single or at best low double digit damage. He also has vanilla game disarm and will use this on characters lacking enough discipline, any weapons disarmed to the floor lose any buffs they may have had and casters will lose spell slots if he disarms any caster items they may be holding. Make sure you pick up any disarmed items before leaving the area. No rest zone, use the Ring of the Planar Traveler

Killcount Notes

Lots of the accomplishments have a killcount requirement before achieving the tag (to help prevent cheesing these with high levels) and if you do not meet this the tag will not be given (you should get a message about skipping kills or porting in at the end), these kills may be on the final map or map(s) prior to this. Generally if you kill everything on the way to the tag you will easily meet the requirements. If you miss a killcount the server you are on hold information about what you have killed already until it is reset making a trip back to the same area later less tedious (you can either leave a placeholder character there to allow easy portback or in fact !portal to another server and come back later, although if you do this try to make sure you are not on a spawn point when you return). Note: The latest changes to these accomplishments means that for most past level 33 you will not get tagged if an immortal character has entered the areas where the kill count begins until the server resets, if see a red text message to this effect when you enter an area you will need to do the accomplishment on another server until it has reset.

Lowbie Tag Rewards

Completing all pre-legendary accomplishment grants a bonus of +2 physical damage, +2% spell damage, and +5% XP, as shown below. Note that this all-tags bonus is added only upon logging onto a server to which you have not logged on yet since it last reset or being killed.


Obviously it is a good idea to achieve all of these tags as soon as possible after hitting level 40 to make the best use of the 5% exp bonus, however apart from the tags that require no immortal aid (MoAD, Xulrae, Lolth & the Immortal) it may be a good idea to wait until you have achieved immortality to obtain the remaining tags as some of them have a high degree of difficulty especially if you are attempting to solo them. You can actually receive the tags bonus at any point up to level 80 as the Ruined City Headmaster does not have a level cap, although leaving it until much later can mean that you lose a quantity of exp (about 6.5 million if you left it to 80).
The Solis Quest can prove problematic if you want to achieve the Good version as he can be tricky to kill, one thing to bear in mind is that all you lose for not being of the correct alignment is the 1% immunity bonus it does NOT affect your total accomplishments status.
Most of the pre-LL tags respawn a few do not as noted here Lolth, MoAD, Immortal, AA Headmaster, Drow Academy Headmaster & Handmaiden of Lolth, these are now listed on the server quest statuses.
The bonus to skill points are within the +50 cap and will only show up if you have put at least one point in the relevant skill as the game does not allow bonuses to a zero point investment skill.
If you discover you are missing an accomplishment, have passed the level at which it can be achieved and are not yet immortal you can de-level your character at the Ascension High Priest in town (this may potentially cost you a lot of experience points).
Note: It is not possible to use the de-levelling option for Red Dragon Disciple or any classes for which you have used the Epic Prowess to stat point swapping option as this would result in an invalid character.
If you are immortal it is no longer possible to do either of these options as taking immortality resets your accomplishments to what they previously were and de-levelling is no longer possible (although you could shackle to 40 non-immortal if you have missed a level 40 accomplishment) and in this case you will need to make a Proxy character to obtain any missing accomplishments.


Legendary Tags

Dodrudon's Immortal Guide has useful details about each run.

The online Quest Status page shows the status for each of the Legendary quests. It also includes information about the Desert, Feywild, and Elemental Planes runs which do not have quests.

Accomplishment Requirement Where
MoAD - via Ascension Sewer under Town
Xulrae (Xul) - Run Guide: Manatakloss
Lolth Xulrae Manatakloss - House District
Immortal Lolth The Abyss via Sage's House
Dach'xilith'az'ichityl (Dachy) - via Maze of the Ancients
Dustbone Immortal via Vashyk's Ruin, Harbinger's Trail and The Furrow
Ssssy'is Immortal Ssithrak Dimension via The Translation Chamber
Illithids Ssssy'is Penumbra via Vashyk's Ruin using a Mindstill
Myconids - Myconid Depths via Drow Tunnels - first area
Toyshop All characters that enter the area should be level 54 or lower if you want a chance of obtaining a Portable Hole via Fields -> Enter Cave
Uroboros - Uroboros Peak via Arctic Wastes
Tragidore All characters that enter the area should be level 51 or lower if you want a chance of obtaining some of the set items that drop here Lost Village of Tragidore via Tainted Hills -> Enter Cave
Arcane Archive All characters that enter the area should be level 56 or lower if you want a chance of obtaining some of the set items that drop here Arcane Archive via Arctic Valley -> Enter Cave
Dulvuroth - Watchtower of Kil'dur'ok - Upper Level or Uroboros Peak - Lost Temple
Pit of Moliation - Pit of Moliation via Drow Tunnels - first area
Beholders - via Decrepit Cave
Pyramid - via Vashyk's Ruin -> Enter Cave
Rona - via Fox Trail
Hive - via The Blood Moor -> Enter Cave
Locathah - via Boat Ramp-> Transit by waterside
Hells L55+ and Penumbra, in order to obtain Zerial's Token you need an Hellstone using Zerial's Token
Abyss L55+ and Abyssal Splinter attunement using Zerial's Token
Oinos L55+ using Zerial's Token
Elysium L55+ Boat Ramp-> Conversation (by an Evil aligned character) with the hooded man on the boat
Aboleths L55+ Great Cavern-> Transit by waterside
Limbo L65+ and a Slave Waystone to enter Part 1 plus conversation with Ssendam to choose Easy or Hard, Portal Tuner for Part 2 Easy or Hard determined by the Portal Tuner obtained from the Part 1 boss using Zerial's Token
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