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!searchABO Horologe of Undoing
A Blanket of BonesA Chattering NoiseA Cold Fever
A Differing VisionA Distant ThreatA Ghastly Hue
A Hideous TruthA Light in the Dark
A Permanent DrainA Position of StrengthA Stick in the Eye
A Stinking TrailA Strange DeathA Twilight Pall
A fortunate finding in OinosA guide to crafting weaponsAasgart's Assault
Aasgart's AversionAasimarAbandoned Farm
Abandoned Farm HouseAbandoned Farm House CellarAbandoned Mine
Abandoned TempleAbandoned Temple Level 1Abandoned Temple Level 2
Abandoned Temple Level 3Abandoned TreehouseAbandoned to Ice
AbbreviationsAbhorrent ColdAbhorrent Vacuum
Abi-Dalzim's Vile DeviceAbility Checks
Abishai ClawAbjurationAbjurer's Bane
Aboleths LoreAbyssAbyss Mord/Breach Guide
Abyssal Assassin's AugmenterAbyssal Avenger's AugmenterAbyssal Berserker's Augmenter
Abyssal Bishop's AugmenterAbyssal Craftsman's AugmenterAbyssal Crusader's Augmenter
Abyssal Field Marshal's AugmenterAbyssal Girdle
Abyssal Magician's AugmenterAbyssal Minstrel's AugmenterAbyssal Monast's Augmenter
Abyssal MushroomAbyssal Overlord's AugmenterAbyssal Pathfinder's Augmenter
Abyssal Potion of Resinous GraspAbyssal Potion of Stygian DefenseAbyssal Rebel's Augmenter
Abyssal RetortAbyssal Scholar's AugmenterAbyssal Shaman's Augmenter
Abyssal SplinterAbyssal Surgeon's AugmenterAbyssal Swashbuckler's Augmenter
Abyssal Swordsman's AugmenterAbyssal Tactician's AugmenterAbyssal Usurper's Augmenter
AccomplishmentsAccursed Pariah
Accusing StatueAcid Fog
Acid SplashAcidic Cinder CoronetAcidic Suppuration
Acolyte of the MorninglordAcrobat's AugmenterAdroit Augmenter
AelfbornAftershockAgium Eragus
Ahala's ArcAidAinafea's Masterwork Belt
Air RuvokaAir Weird EssenceAk'Chazar Rakshasa
Akuna Makai
Al-Fazab's AugmenterAl-Salak Camel SlayerAlchemist
Alderson's CorseletAleithian DwarfAlhanna's Augmenter
Aligned to Different SidesAlignment ChangeAlkilith Slime Coated Cover
All Bleed AwayAllegroAlterant Bulwark
Alu-FiendAmber WardAmbidexterity
AmirAmnizu's Touch
Amnizu EyeAmorian BerriesAmorian Drape
AmplifyAmulet of Adaptation
Amulet of Axeria ImperiaAmulet of Axeria Imperia - BardAmulet of Axeria Imperia - Cleric
Amulet of Axeria Imperia - DruidAmulet of Axeria Imperia - SorcererAmulet of Axeria Imperia - Wizard
Amulet of EramusAmulet of Erul Zaar
Amulet of Hadean Power BardAmulet of Hadean Power ClericAmulet of Hadean Power Druid
Amulet of Hadean Power SorcererAmulet of Hadean Power WizardAmulet of Jialonna
Amulet of Ordered MalevolenceAmulet of OsyngarAmulet of Unbroken Balance
Amulet of the Arch PriestAmulet of the Axerian Grandmaster (Cleric)Amulet of the Axerian Grandmaster (Sorcerer)
Amulet of the Axerian Grandmaster (Wizard)Amulet of the Darkest DepthsAmulet of the Immortal
Amulet of the Legendary DefenderAmulet of the PharoahAmulet of the Raised Fist
An'ywen's HookAnarch
Anbaric LanceAnchorAncient's Lair
Ancient CaveAncient Tomb
Ancient Warrior's EssenceAncient dragon bloodAnduins Chapel
Angel's ChargeAngry Augmenter
Animate DeadAnimosityAnklets of the Sheinja
Anklets of the TartarianAnthem of Despair
Antilife GrenadesAntimagic RayAntinomy
AntipathyApport ArcaneAppraising Touch
Aquan BrainstemAquatic ElfArakin's Casement
Arakin's FavorArcadian FireArcane Academy
Arcane ArcherArcane Archer Bows
Arcane ArchiveArcane BowArcane Lustre
Arcane Volt GuardArcane spells with no somatic componentArcanist's Assay
Arctic Assault CrossbowArctic BladeArctic Dwarf
Arctic EnclaveArctic EnclosureArctic Field
Arctic ForestArctic RefugeArctic Scout Crossbow
Arctic ValleyArctic WastesArea Example
Area WeaponsArea level listArea of effect
Arf's AvengerArgentate
Aria of the UnfalteringAriasArka's Guards
Arm of the CinderscaleArmament of AvernusArmand
Armor ShopArmor classArmor of Solis
Armor of the AncientslayerArowynn's Acclaim
Arowynn's CircleArrows of WastingArtaaglith Eye
Artificer's Gloves
Artificer's Monograph: Armor RestorationArtificer's Monograph: Augment DestructionArtificer's Monograph: Item Normalization
Artificer's Monograph: Property ReconfigurationArtificer's Monograph: Property RemovalArtificer's Monograph: Property Restoration
Artist's Bo StickAscension High PriestAscension Sewer
AscoAshen Shugar's LifethreadAshley's Ripper
Asmodeus' TouchAssassinAssassin's Augmenter
Assassin SpellsAssay Resistance
Astral DuskAtlasAtomie
Atomie ShortbowAttack Bonus
Attack bonus capAttacks per roundAttempted Link
Audacious ProvocationAudible ThudAugmenter of Acid Repulsion
Augmenter of BiofeedbackAugmenter of Blow AbsorptionAugmenter of Burning Howls
Augmenter of Burning IceAugmenter of Charged CorrosionAugmenter of Cold Repulsion
Augmenter of Echoed BileAugmenter of Electrical RepulsionAugmenter of Fall
Augmenter of Fiery BoltsAugmenter of Fire RepulsionAugmenter of Focused Abjuring
Augmenter of Focused DiviningAugmenter of Focused EnchantingAugmenter of Focused Evoking
Augmenter of Focused FascinatingAugmenter of Focused NecromancingAugmenter of Frozen Venom
Augmenter of Greater DiviningAugmenter of Greater NecromancyAugmenter of Icy Friction
Augmenter of Masterful Light Crossbow-WorkAugmenter of Masterful Long Sword-WorkAugmenter of Masterful Slinging
Augmenter of Masterful Staff-WorkAugmenter of Masterful TransmutingAugmenter of Potent Casting
Augmenter of Precision Assassin Dagger-WorkAugmenter of Precision Battle Axe-WorkAugmenter of Precision Club-Work
Augmenter of Precision Dagger-WorkAugmenter of Precision Dart ThrowingAugmenter of Precision Dire Mace-Work
Augmenter of Precision Double Axe-WorkAugmenter of Precision Double Pick-WorkAugmenter of Precision Double Scimitar-Work
Augmenter of Precision Goad-WorkAugmenter of Precision Great Sword-WorkAugmenter of Precision Halberd-Work
Augmenter of Precision Hand Axe-WorkAugmenter of Precision Kama-WorkAugmenter of Precision Katana-Work
Augmenter of Precision Kukri-WorkAugmenter of Precision Light Crossbow-WorkAugmenter of Precision Light Pick-Work
Augmenter of Precision Long Sword-WorkAugmenter of Precision Nunchaku-WorkAugmenter of Precision Sap-Work
Augmenter of Precision Scimtar-WorkAugmenter of Precision Scythe-WorkAugmenter of Precision Short Sword-Work
Augmenter of Precision Shortbow-WorkAugmenter of Precision Shruiken ThrowingAugmenter of Precision Sickle-Work
Augmenter of Precision Staff-WorkAugmenter of Precision StrikingAugmenter of Precision Throwing Axe-Work
Augmenter of Precision War Hammer-WorkAugmenter of Precision Wind Fire Wheel-WorkAugmenter of Seasons
Augmenter of Skilled Assassin Dagger-WorkAugmenter of Skilled Club-WorkAugmenter of Skilled Great Sword-Work
Augmenter of Skilled Light Crossbow-WorkAugmenter of Skilled StrikingAugmenter of Skilled Two-Bladed Sword-Work
Augmenter of Skilled War Hammer-WorkAugmenter of Sonic RepulsionAugmenter of Spring
Augmenter of SummerAugmenter of Thunderous ClapsAugmenter of Vitreous Burning
Augmenter of WinterAugmenter of Wintry BlastsAugmenter of the Aboleth
Augmenter of the AcolyteAugmenter of the Adept ApeAugmenter of the Adept Spider
Augmenter of the Adept TortoiseAugmenter of the AlertAugmenter of the Archmagus
Augmenter of the Astute HareAugmenter of the Astute SilkwormAugmenter of the Attentive
Augmenter of the BardAugmenter of the BladeAugmenter of the Blooded
Augmenter of the BrigandAugmenter of the BuzzardAugmenter of the Cautious Eagle
Augmenter of the Cautious FerretAugmenter of the Cautious HoundAugmenter of the Cautious Moth
Augmenter of the Cautious SilkwormAugmenter of the Cautious ThrushAugmenter of the Channeler
Augmenter of the ClubAugmenter of the Combat MagusAugmenter of the Composer
Augmenter of the CruelAugmenter of the CrusaderAugmenter of the Dagger
Augmenter of the Devious EagleAugmenter of the Diva
Augmenter of the Dual-WielderAugmenter of the DuelistAugmenter of the Eagle
Augmenter of the EnvoyAugmenter of the FalconAugmenter of the Fallen
Augmenter of the FlailAugmenter of the Forest's DefenderAugmenter of the Friar
Augmenter of the FrogAugmenter of the Frugal TortoiseAugmenter of the General
Augmenter of the GleemanAugmenter of the GopherAugmenter of the Greatsword
Augmenter of the GuideAugmenter of the Guileful ApeAugmenter of the Guileful Mantis
Augmenter of the HammerAugmenter of the HawkAugmenter of the Hearkening Charger
Augmenter of the Hearkening FerretAugmenter of the Hearkening ParrotAugmenter of the Heirophant
Augmenter of the HeroAugmenter of the HunterAugmenter of the Intent Ant
Augmenter of the Intent ChameleonAugmenter of the Intent CrowAugmenter of the Intent Ferret
Augmenter of the Intent HareAugmenter of the Intent MantisAugmenter of the Intent Moth
Augmenter of the Intent RaccoonAugmenter of the Intent ThrushAugmenter of the Intuit
Augmenter of the JesterAugmenter of the KeeperAugmenter of the Killer
Augmenter of the KnifeAugmenter of the KukriAugmenter of the Lance
Augmenter of the Learned ApeAugmenter of the Learned HareAugmenter of the Learned Hound
Augmenter of the Learned MantisAugmenter of the Learned MouseAugmenter of the Learned Thrush
Augmenter of the LizardAugmenter of the MaceAugmenter of the Magus
Augmenter of the MaulAugmenter of the MinstrelAugmenter of the Mole
Augmenter of the MyrmidonAugmenter of the NewtAugmenter of the Ooze
Augmenter of the PackratAugmenter of the PerformerAugmenter of the Persuasive Silkworm
Augmenter of the Practiced ApeAugmenter of the Practiced MantisAugmenter of the Practiced Tortoise
Augmenter of the Prepared ChargerAugmenter of the PreserverAugmenter of the Quiet Ape
Augmenter of the Quiet DoveAugmenter of the Quiet HareAugmenter of the Quiet Mockingbird
Augmenter of the Quiet SpiderAugmenter of the Robust CrowAugmenter of the Robust Mantis
Augmenter of the Robust MouseAugmenter of the RocAugmenter of the Salamander
Augmenter of the ShamblerAugmenter of the SingerAugmenter of the Skirmisher
Augmenter of the SpearAugmenter of the SquireAugmenter of the Stake
Augmenter of the StalkerAugmenter of the Stalwart ApeAugmenter of the Stalwart Hound
Augmenter of the Stalwart ParrotAugmenter of the Stalwart StagAugmenter of the Stealthy Flea
Augmenter of the Stealthy MantisAugmenter of the Stealthy ParrotAugmenter of the Stealthy Raccoon
Augmenter of the Stealthy StagAugmenter of the Stealthy TortoiseAugmenter of the Swaggering Ape
Augmenter of the Swaggering MantisAugmenter of the Swaggering TortoiseAugmenter of the Swashbuckler
Augmenter of the SwordAugmenter of the TaintedAugmenter of the Talented Charger
Augmenter of the Talented SpiderAugmenter of the TemplarAugmenter of the Thieving Ape
Augmenter of the TridentAugmenter of the TrollAugmenter of the Turtle
Augmenter of the VeteranAugmenter of the Vigilant EagleAugmenter of the Vigilant Flea
Augmenter of the Vigilant MockingbirdAugmenter of the Vigilant MothAugmenter of the Vigilant Parrot
Augmenter of the VileAugmenter of the WarcasterAugmenter of the Warlord
Augmenter of the WaryAugmenter of the WatchfulAugmenter of the Watchful Dove
Augmenter of the Watchful MantisAugmenter of the Watchful SpiderAugmenter of the Watchful Tortoise
Augmenter of the WeaponmasterAugmenter of the WickedAugmenter of the Wild Ape
Augmenter of the Wild ConchAugmenter of the Wild EagleAugmenter of the Wild Mockingbird
Augmenter of the Wild ThrushAugmenter of the WizardAugmenter of the Worm
Augmenter of the XornAugmentersAugments
AuguryAuraAura Versus Alignment
Aura of AnhurAura of GloryAura of Vitality
Auran GlandsAutocasterAv's Avenger
Avenger's AugmenterAverialAvernan Emberstone
Avernian Dragonblood Flowers - BlueAvernian Dragonblood Flowers - PrismaticAvernian Dragonblood Flowers - Red
Awakened AuguryAxe of NessusAxe of the Heralds
Axe of the MasterAxe of the SentinelAxerian Matrix
Axis Erundia
AzerAzzagrat Woodsman's Axe
Baalzebul's Gold
Baatezu PlateBaator's EmbraceBaatorian Fist
Baatorian Green steel barBabbling FishBackspawn
Badlander HalflingBag of Bees
Bahamut's RuinationBakchuda's BasherBalagarn's Barrier
Balagarn's Iron HornBalagarns Iron Horn
Balance-saving AugmenterBalanced Moons
Balefire SealBaleweedBall Lightning
BallastweedBand of AnubisBand of Bellaynish
Band of Caustic HungerBand of Cyriam
Band of KogolorBand of MinBand of Naklen
Band of Shaamros GellantaraBand of the Dark Queen
BanditBandit ArcherBandit Camp
Bandit ChiefBandit MageBandit Rogue
Bandolier of Bountiful Acidburn DartsBandolier of Bountiful Assassin's AssailsBandolier of Bountiful Blitz Darts
Bandolier of Bountiful Cold DartsBandolier of Bountiful Forked TonguesBane
Bane KnightBane of Spellcasters
Baneblast's WingBanishment
Bank of WaukeenBankerBanshrae
Bar of D'qariteBarbarianBarbarian Fast Movement
Barbaric YawpBarbazu's Wrap
Barbazu EarBard
Bard SongBardic Vestments
Base AugmenterBase attack bonusBaseborn Titan
Basic FeetBasidioBastard Sword Wielder's Augmenter
Basti's BarriersBastion of CormyrBastion of Ungorth Reddik
Bastion of the Fallen LordBattle Axe Wielder's Augmenter
Battle BootsBattle Boots +10
BattleragerBattlerager BlissBattlerager Hammer
BattletideBauphin's Bulwark
Beacon of AzzagratBead of RalishazBear's Paw
Because Less is MoreBeetle-Waxed HideBeetle Cave
Beginner Pale Master GuideBeginning to Scream
Beholder PrisonBeldoin's Spellturner
Bell of AshirnBellamin Cone
Bellicose AugmenterBelt of Agility +10Belt of Agility +9
Belt of AnuarBelt of Bestial ResilienceBelt of Eternal Preservation
Belt of Legendary ResilienceBelt of Narendil
Belt of Transient PreservationBelt of the Axerian Battlecaster (Cleric)Belt of the Axerian Battlecaster (Sorcerer)
Belt of the Axerian Battlecaster (Wizard)Belt of the Axerian Grandmaster (Bard)Belt of the Axerian Grandmaster (Cleric)
Belt of the Axerian Grandmaster (Druid)Belt of the Axerian Grandmaster (Sorcerer)Belt of the Axerian Grandmaster (Wizard)
Belt of the ImmortalBelt of the TitanBelt of the Warmaster
Berserker's AugmenterBestial HarmonyBestiary: Aboleths
Bestiary: AbyssBestiary: Abyss/ABPVBestiary: Abyss/Demons
Bestiary: Abyss/HumanoidsBestiary: Abyss/OtherBestiary: Arcane Archive
Bestiary: Black PyramidBestiary: Catacombs of DulvurothBestiary: Desert
Bestiary: Elemental Plane of AirBestiary: Elemental Plane of EarthBestiary: Elemental Plane of Fire
Bestiary: Elemental Plane of WaterBestiary: Elemental PlanesBestiary: Elysium
Bestiary: ExampleBestiary: FeywildBestiary: Hells
Bestiary: HiveBestiary: LimboBestiary: Locathah Depths
Bestiary: ManataklossBestiary: Maze of the AncientsBestiary: Myconid Depths
Bestiary: OinosBestiary: PenumbraBestiary: Pit of Moliation
Bestiary: RonaBestiary: SsithraksBestiary: Toyshop
Bestiary: TragidoreBestiary: Uroboros PeakBestiary: Zorbgot's Hive
Bestow CurseBetrayalBeyond Ultra-Rare Subrace
Bhaalus Bane
Biding TimeBigby's Clenched FistBigby's Crushing Hand
Bigby's Forceful HandBigby's Grasping HandBigby's Interposing Hand
BilefangBilestone Bar
Bilestone ShieldBilgefester's LocketBio-Interface Bracers
BiorejuvenatorBiorevivifierBishop's Augmenter
Bitter TalonsBlack Belt of the Dim Mak Master
Black Blade of DisasterBlack Pearl's GraceBlack Powder Barrel
Black Pudding PseudopodBlack PyramidBlack Pyramid - Annex of the Seal
Black Pyramid - EntranceBlackflame PlateBlackfrost
Blackstaff's AugmenterBlackstaff's BlessingBlade
Blade BarrierBlade Thirst
Blade of the Dark Templars
Blade of the Death DealerBlade of the Emperor
BladeturnerBladeweed Leaf
BlastoBlazebolt's Eye
Blazing AugmenterBlazon of Selune
BlessBless WeaponBlessed Bequest
Blessed SilenceBlessing of NephirisBlindness/Deafness
Blistering RadianceBlood FrenzyBlood Sport
Blood of Dachy
Blood of Ssssy'isBlood of TorilBlood of Uroboros
Blood of VeirosBloodfire Mage
Bloodsilk BeltBloodstained BootsBloodthirst
BluntblockerBoat Ramp
Boccob's AugmenterBoil LancerBoltblocker
BombardmentBombilationBonding Resin
Bonds of DecayBonus Class SubracesBook of Bones
Book of Races, Air RuvokaBook of Races, Ak'Chazar Rakshasa
Book of Races, Aleithian DwarfBook of Races, Alu-Fiend
Book of Races, AnarchBook of Races, ArmandBook of Races, Atomie
Book of Races, BanshraeBook of Races, Baseborn TitanBook of Races, Battlerager
Book of Races, BrownieBook of Races, BuommanBook of Races, Cambion
Book of Races, Chaos GnomeBook of Races, Corrupter of FateBook of Races, Dao-kin
Book of Races, DeathlessBook of Races, Doppelganger
Book of Races, DracotaurBook of Races, DragonbloodedBook of Races, Drow Noble
Book of Races, ErinyesBook of Races, FallenBook of Races, Fallen Angel
Book of Races, Favored of GruumshBook of Races, Favored of MielikkiBook of Races, Favored of Primus
Book of Races, Favored of SolonorBook of Races, FurchinBook of Races, Genie
Book of Races, Gith PrecursorBook of Races, God-Blooded
Book of Races, Half-CelestialBook of Races, Half-Cloud GiantBook of Races, Half-Cyclops
Book of Races, Half-DjinniBook of Races, Half-DogaiBook of Races, Half-Eladrin
Book of Races, Half-ExcruciarchBook of Races, Half-FiendBook of Races, Half-Goliath
Book of Races, Half-GuardinalBook of Races, Half-KytonBook of Races, Half-Molydeus
Book of Races, Half-Ogre MageBook of Races, Half-Storm ArchonBook of Races, Half-Sword Archon
Book of Races, Hound ArchonBook of Races, HowlerBook of Races, Ibixian
Book of Races, JaebrinBook of Races, JuggernautBook of Races, Kaorti
Book of Races, KillorenBook of Races, KolyarutBook of Races, Llolth-Touched
Book of Races, Loviatar's ChosenBook of Races, LycanBook of Races, Lythari
Book of Races, MaelephantBook of Races, NegataiBook of Races, Neraphim
Book of Races, NobarianBook of Races, One-EyedBook of Races, Pech Lord
Book of Races, PharlanBook of Races, PhoelarchBook of Races, Planewalker
Book of Races, Radiance GenasiBook of Races, RhekBook of Races, Rilmani
Book of Races, SalamanderBook of Races, Shadowswyft
Book of Races, ShardBook of Races, SidheBook of Races, Skaldclan
Book of Races, SolarbornBook of Races, SpelljammerBook of Races, Spiker
Book of Races, StargazerBook of Races, StingerBook of Races, Stoneblooded
Book of Races, TanarukkBook of Races, ThunderbornBook of Races, Treant
Book of Races, TulaniBook of Races, UndyingBook of Races, Urdunnir
Book of Races, VaatiBook of Races, Velsharoon's ChosenBook of Races, Wemic
Book of Races, Whisper GnomeBook of Races, XephBook of Races, Yukio
Book of Races, ZenythriBooks
Booming Pyre's Circle
Boots of Acuity +10Boots of Axeria ImperiaBoots of Axeria Imperia - Bard
Boots of Axeria Imperia - ClericBoots of Axeria Imperia - DruidBoots of Axeria Imperia - Sorcerer
Boots of Axeria Imperia - WizardBoots of BolsteringBoots of Hardiness +12
Boots of Luck +11Boots of Luck +9Boots of Resilience +8
Boots of SturdinessBoots of the Axerian Grandmaster (Cleric)Boots of the Axerian Grandmaster (Druid)
Boots of the Axerian Grandmaster (Sorcerer)Boots of the Axerian Grandmaster (Wizard)Boots of the Bastion
Boots of the Frost-bornBoots of the Song-bornBoots of the Sun Soul +10
Boots of the Sun Soul +12Boots of the Wanderer
Boots of the immortalBoragin's GiantslayersBottled Soul
Bottomless Box of Acidic Blast BoltsBottomless Box of Corruptor BoltsBottomless Box of Divine Pings
Bottomless Box of Wings of Corruption
BoundlessBountiful Beaker of HealingBracer of Pelion
Bracers of Charming +10Bracers of Great Resilience
Bracers of Magic ShieldingBracers of Many EyesBracers of Martial Prowess
Bracers of PelionBracers of SunderingBracers of Uncanny Resistance
Bracers of Weaponcraft +10Bracers of the ImmortalBracers of the Mountain
Brachina's CaressBrave the VoidBrawler's Augmenter
Brawny Baffle +10Brazen DefianceBrazier of Painful Truth
Breach BallBreak EnchantmentBreastplate of Elendithas Wiltiln
Breastplate of HiraikosBreath of BoreasBrena's Refuge
Brewmaster's AmuletBrightcleaveBrilliant Spray
Broken CovenantBrother's PenitenceBrownie

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