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BugbearBugbear CaveBugbear Stronghold
Builder's SmockBuildsBuilds/Base
Bulls StrengthBulwark of the ChoralistBuomman
Burning DripBurning HandsBurrowing Bracers
Burying Them AliveButter Knife of Asteriaka
Calad's ToothpickCaligrosto BladeCalindra's Augmenter
Call LightningCall of Stone
Calling of the SkiesCallous LashCalm Augmenter
CambionCamnizu's StrikeCamouflage
Cancerous SpreadCane of HecateCania
CaniarCanimar's Eye GougerCanto of the Sublime
Cape of the Blood War GeneralCaptainCaptain's Augmenter
Captain BorianCarapace of Smoldering StoneCast in Stone
Cast into SpaceCasterCaster's Clasps +10
Castle Gaobin - BasementCastle Gaobin - CourtyardCastle Gaobin - Main Floor
Castle Gaobin - Second FloorCastle Gaobin - TombCasycal's Frenzy
Cat's GraceCatacombsCatacombs of Dulvuroth
Catlike AugmenterCaustic Bolt
Caustic CheckmateCaustic GelCaustic Healings Band
Caustic SoundCaustic WeaponCave Troll Lair
Caverns of UnderdarkCelestial DefianceCellar
Centuries in WaitCentury LoopCeramic Augmenter
Cerecloth of the MisshapenCerin's AugmenterChain Lightning
Chain of JaelynixChain of SolidarityChain of the Infernal Machine
Chainmail of the WeaveChains of PerditionChakka Cor
Chakka ShokChameleons JewelChampion of Torm
Chaos Calls to ChaosChaos Gnome
Chaos Roc FeatherChaoswardChaotic Devotion
Character Development, Skills, Abilities and FeatsCharge Transference DeviceCharisma
Charm MonsterCharm PersonCharm Person or Animal
Chasme WingChauntea's GuardChicken Feed
Chicken SkullChill AugmenterChillfang's Binder
Chillflame's Folly
Chiming BeltChitinous CircleChitinous Curtain
Chittering CacophonyChorus of the Damned
Chromatic KamaChytridioCircle of Death
Circle of DoomCircle of EverlostCircle of Unending Pain
Circle of the DamnedCirclet of Ahralihra SilverpawsCirclet of Kthurbash
Clairaudience/ClairvoyanceClarityClasp of Nuhel
Clasp of XengClasps of PhlegethosClasps of the Forewarned
Claw of the BezekiraClaw of the Cinderscale
Claws of the DragonClaws of the Obyrith LordCleric
Cleric's Coil +10Client Changes
Cloak of Axeria Imperia - BardCloak of Axeria Imperia - ClericCloak of Axeria Imperia - Druid
Cloak of Axeria Imperia - SorcererCloak of Axeria Imperia - WizardCloak of Solis
Cloak of WorldlinessCloak of the Axerian Battlecaster (Cleric)Cloak of the Axerian Battlecaster (Sorcerer)
Cloak of the Axerian Battlecaster (Wizard)Cloak of the Axerian Grandmaster (Bard)Cloak of the Axerian Grandmaster (Cleric)
Cloak of the Axerian Grandmaster (Sorcerer)Cloak of the Axerian Grandmaster (Wizard)Cloak of the Elements
Cloak of the ImmortalCloak of the ImperiumCloak of the Unjust
Clockwork Augmenter
Clockwork BombClockwork BootsClockwork Exhaust Pipe
Clockwork FlamebladeClothing ShopCloud of Bewilderment
CloudkillCloudwalkerCloven Hooves of the Goat
CoalwalkerCoated AugmenterCodex of Arcane Algorithms
Codex of Axeria ImperiaCognition Engine
CogsCoil of ClarityCoil of Grabduk
Cold AugmenterCold FeetCold Reason +10
Coleopteran TargeCollective MindColor Spray
Colorless MarbleCombustCommand and Control Wrench
Con's AugmenterConcentrated Extract of ColdConcentric Prow
Concordant CoronetConductive MucusConduit of Arborea
Conduit of BaatorConduit of CelestiaConduit of Elysium
Conduit of HadesConduit of LimboConduit of Mechanus
Conduit of the AbyssCone of ColdConfinement Endured
Conflagration InjectorConfluence of SilvanusConfusion
ConjurationConjurer's Implacable FoeConquest Through Intimidation
Consecrated AugmenterConservancyConstant Drift
ConstitutionContagionContainer of Countless Barbarian's Furies
Container of Countless Devil's Rake AxesContainer of Countless Paladin's LamentsContainer of Countless Resonating Axes
Container of Countless Sonicshock AxesContinual FlameContrary Destruction
Control ClassControl UndeadConviction
Cool AugmenterCord of Cambion DesireCordcull
Cormyrean Greatshield +9Cormyrean Greatshield 10Cormyrean Greatshield 8
Corner of the EyeCorona of ColdCorona of Origen
Coronet of MnemosyneCorpse Lord - Laboratory
Corpse Lord - Tower Level 1Corpse Lord - Tower Level 2
Corpse Lord CavernCorpsebloom Fungal BlossomCorroded Augmenter
Corroding Bolt's BandCorrosive FreezeCorrosive Grasp
Corrupted BladeCorrupted inventoryCorrupter of Fate
CorruptionCorruption of the BloodCorruption of the Land
Corruption of the MindCorruption of the SpiritCorruption of the Voice
Corruptor's SnareCountless CalumniesCourtesan's Augmenter
Covered AugmenterCovering of the BulezauCoveted Adoration
Covey of BloodCowl of the Secret FlameCowl of the Sheinja
Cozy AugmenterCrackleshard's Fang
Crackling WhallopCraft ArmorCraft Weapon
Crafter's CharmCraftmans ToolkitCraftsman's Augmenter
Create Greater UndeadCreate ShadowfiendCreate Undead
Creation and CompositionCreeping ColdCreeping Doom
Crest of SplendorCrest of Vile DarknessCrimes Against Mortality
Crimson's AvengerCrimson Death
Crop Storage HouseCross-ClassCrossbow of Murder
Crossbowman's GuardCrowded Soul CanopicCrown of Corruption
Crown of EmpireCrown of RadianceCrown of Swords
Crown of Uncanny StabilityCrown of the Cold OnesCrown of the Immortal
Crown of the Twilight War
Crucible of MoliationCruel Jest
Cruel ReliefCrumbleCrusader's Augmenter
Crustacean CarapaceCrypt - Funeral Hall
Crypt - Hall of KingsCrypt - Level 1Crypt - Level 2
Crypt - Level 3Crypt - Level 4Crypt - The Bone Horde
Cryptarch's TreadsCryptarch's WardCrystal Shard
Crystal ShieldCrystalline AxeCrystallized Honey
Culminate in CollisionCure Critical Wounds
Cure Light WoundsCure Minor WoundsCure Moderate Wounds
Cure Serious WoundsCustom ChangesCycle of Chilopoda
Cycle of LepismaCycle of NemertineaCycle of Phoronidea
D'qarite RobesDach'xilith'az'ichityl
Dagger Wielder's AugmenterDamage Types
Dance of BladesDancer's AugmenterDao-kin
Dark EclipseDark GladeDark Matter
Darkened Moon (Cleric)Darkened Moon (Disjunction)
Darkened Moon (Druid)Darkened Moon (Sorcerer)Darkened Moon (Wizard)
DarkfireDarknessDarksoul Dressing
DazeDazedDead Ringer
DeadboltDeadening AugmenterDeafening Clang
Deafening GreavesDeath's CaressDeath's Helping Hand
Death ArmorDeath GripDeath Leads to Rebirth
Death WardDeath to Protect
DeathcryDeathlessDeathless and Bored
Deathwarding AugmenterDebased CleaverDeck of Walls
Decrepit CaveDeep Beetle Cave
Deep BreathDeep Depth's DisguiseDeep Dwarf
Deep FreezeDeep Frost Orc CavernDeep Halfling
Deep OrcDeep PitDeep Sewers
Deepbat LairDeepbat TunnelsDeepsilver Nugget
Defend to DeathDefender HelmDefense Cube
Defiance of DarknessDefiled TempleDefiled Tomb
Defoliant BombDefoliateDelayed Blast Fireball
DemandrilDemise of DispaterDemon's Writing Quill
DemondimDemonhive SpikeDemonwood
Depraved GuardDepths of WinterDereliction
DerroDerrzagonDesert Sirocco
Desert of VashykDesiccant BombDespawning
Despoiled LakeDespoiled Relic
DestructionDetonateDeva's Tear
Devariel ArrowsDevotions of MystraDexterity
Dextrous DefianceDiabolical MuseDialetheia
DiceDifficulty classDiluted Essence of Chaos
Dim AwarenessDimensional StabilizerDimming Sun
DionaeaDire BucklerDirge
DisDisable Trap
Disarming AugmenterDisciple's Tower Level 1Disciple's Tower Level 2
Discombobulator RayDiscordiaDisintegrate
Dispel MagicDisplacementDistilled Vileness
DivinationDivine AgonyDivine Chorus
Divine FavorDivine InterventionDivine Screams
Divine SlingerDivine power
Diviner's DefianceDivinity's Beckons
Docks of AscensionDodrudon's TransformerDominate Animal
Dominate MonsterDominate PersonDon't Wish Upon This Star
Double Axe Wielder's AugmenterDraak's Improbable ImplementDracolich
DracotaurDragon Blood
Dragon DanceDragon Disciple
DragonbloodedDragonhide Sling
Dragonstorm MageDrape Entire
Drape of the DivaDrape of the Doppelganger
Drastic NatureDread CavernDream Dwarf
Dreamdraught of AbjurationDreamdraught of ConjurationDreamdraught of Divination
Dreamdraught of EnchantmentDreamdraught of EvocationDreamdraught of Illusion
Dreamdraught of NecromancyDreamdraught of TransmutationDreamlike Thoughts
Dreams of the NeverbornDreams of the Poisoned ForestDrey
DriderDrider Cave
Drinker of the ChasmDrone's Nectar
Drow NobleDrow SewersDrow Slave Pen
Drow SlumDrow TunnelsDrown
DruidDruid's Grove
DryadkinDual FateDualbox screenshot
Dualbox screenshot2Dualbox screenshot3
Dueling DrumDuellists DestinyDuergar
Duergar MinesDull Your PainDulling the Senses
Dungeoncrawler +10Dust of DeconstructionDust of Resurrection
Dustbone's Leg BoneDusty Crypt
DwarfreaperDwarven Defender
Dwarven Warchanter
EXtremely Rare RacesEach Seeking to Control
Eagle's SplendorEagre FlowEarth, Wind, and Fire
EarthquakeEasar's RestEast Road
Ecarian ShimmerEchoes of Creation
Echoing WardEclipsing Soul
Ectoplasmic WeaveEdge of Extinction
Eel ForkEelskin CapeEelskin Flippers
Eelskin TunicEffervescent AuraEfi'Eilon's Anklets
Efreets SealEgg Resin FragmentEkolid Antenna
Ekolid Resin SacEl'Ketura's ScalesElder Helm of the Weasel
Elder SignEldouin ScourgeEldritch Circle
Eldritch WaveElectric IoliteElectric Jolt
Electric WhipElegance of the ErinyesElemental
Elemental CrownElemental Plane of AirElemental Plane of Earth
Elemental Plane of FireElemental Plane of WaterElemental Planes
Elemental Potion of Augmented AssaultElemental Potion of Augmented DefenseElemental Potion of Augmented Protection
Elemental Potion of Fear ImmunityElemental Potion of Foundation of StoneElemental Potion of Freedom of Movement
Elemental Potion of Gust of WindElemental Potion of Improved InvisibilityElemental Potion of Locate Object
Elemental Potion of Magical Nullification, BombardmentElemental Potion of Magical Nullification, BreachElemental Potion of Magical Nullification, Implosion
Elemental Potion of Magical Nullification, PetrificationElemental Potion of Physical ImmunityElemental Potion of Purification
Elemental Potion of Skill Fortification, ParryElemental Potion of Weapon Sufflation, Cold, MajorElemental Shield
Elemental SwarmElemental Treads +10Elemental Treads +9
Elements of DestructionElira's Fleetness
Ellistrae's Veil
ElrinElysian FlowerElysian Potion of Astral Vision
Elysian Potion of Celestial MightElysian Potion of Elemental ResistanceElysian Potion of Invulnerability
Elysian Potion of SerenityElysian Potion of SolidarityElysian Silver Bar
Elysian Silver ChainmailElysiumElytron of Isis
Embellished AugmenterEmberstarEmbrace of the Unicorn
Embroidered Augmenter
Empowered Guardian's BreastplateEmpowered Rhinocerous HideEmpowered Wyrmling Scales
Empyreal ParasolEmpyrean IndulgenceEmpyrean Lenses
Empyrean TourmalineEnchanter's End GameEnchantment
Endless RoamingEndless WarEndurance
Endure ElementsEnergetic BurnEnergized Funicle
Energy BufferEnergy DrainEnergy Immunity
Energy is AnethemaEnervationEnervix
Enfolding CaptivationEngulfed WithinEnhancement Resin
EntangleEntle's Perpetual PropellantEntomolinic Combat Boots
Entropic ShieldEphemeridian TreadsEpic Arcane Spells
Epic Archer BowEpic Bard SpellsEpic Cleric Spells
Epic Druid SpellsEpic Flag of AscensionEpic Spells
Epic ToughnessEpimethean ClaspsEpode of Form Mastery - Construct
Epode of Form Mastery - DragonEpode of Form Mastery - HumanoidEpode of Form Mastery - Oustider
Epode of Form Mastery - UndeadErinyesErinyes's Stole
Erinyes FeatherEronian Cloak
Erudite AugmenterEscarpment of LyseidaEscarpment of Physarida
Escarpment of TrichiidaEskar's FlameEsoteric Exotica
Essence of Cambion DesireEssence of FrostEssence of Vitriol
Essence of the Last WordEssence of the TeratomorphEssence of the Whirlpool
Essential VenomEternal OrderEthereal Visage
Ettercap EggsEuphoric GazeEvard's Black Tentacles
Evelynn's Arcing ArmamentEvenstarEver Watchful Eye
Evil BlightEvocation
Exo-arrayExpeditious Retreat
Experience beyond 60Expiation of VirtueExquisite Robes
Extermination DustExtremely Rare Subrace
Eye of DeceptionEye of Everwhole
Eye of the Needle
Eye of the RhemorazEyebiteEyestalk's Sash
Eyestalk of DeathFace of Madness
Face of the FormlessFacile AugmenterFacilitator's Augmenter
Faith in Your DreamsFalcons AcheFall of Flame
FallenFallen AngelFallon's Helper
False LifeFalsidicalFan of the Fates
Farmer BobFarmer Bob's House
FarmingFavored of GruumshFavored of Mielikki
Favored of Primus / Favored of GondFavored of Solonor
FearFear Immunity
Fear and LoathingFeat
Fell AmputatorFence's AugmenterFennimarite
Festering GirdleFestering WoundsFew Even Speculate
Fey Potion of Blood FrenzyFey Potion of CamouflageFey Potion of Clear Mind
Fey Potion of Critical StrikeFey Potion of Elemental Immunity, AcidFey Potion of Elemental Immunity, Cold
Fey Potion of Elemental Immunity, ElectricityFey Potion of Elemental Immunity, FireFey Potion of Elemental Immunity, Sonic
Fey Potion of FlamequenchingFey Potion of HeroismFey Potion of Levitation
Fey Potion of LuckFey Potion of PasswallFey Potion of Positive Energy Protection
Fey Potion of RegenerationFey Potion of Shadow ShieldFey Potion of Stoneskin
Fey Potion of TonguesFey Potion of Water BreathingFeyward Bomb
FeywildField Marshal's AugmenterFields
Fiendish AdvisorFiendish FingersFighter
Filament EdgeFinal Confrontation
Final JudgementFind TrapsFinding Anduin's Staff Pieces
Finely Crafted ImportsFinger of DeathFinwittle's Marvelous Polish
Fire BeetleFire ExtinguisherFire Gnome
Fire StormFireballFirebrand
Firedrake's AugmenterFirst Frost
FissureFist of GodFists of Fury
Fists of PainFists of Righteousness
Flail of DesolationFlail of Solis
Flamboyant ChapeauFlame ArrowFlame Lash
Flame StrikeFlame WeaponFlamestrike's Denial
Flamevolt's FriendFlaming Sphere
Flaming WindFlareFlash Heart's Impaler
FlashfootFlashy AugmenterFlensing
Flesh to StoneFlotsam Jelly
Flow Breathing HelmetFlowing ThoughtsFluidic Scales
FlurryFlurry of FumesFlux Torus
FocusFoebaneFolds of Fury
Folds of the BrazierFont of Purification
Font of ResistanceFont of VisionForbidden Cave
Forbidden RitesForce to FleeForest Gnome
Forestweave JerkinForge of IxionForger's Beacon
Forgotten Sea - Pelagic DescentFormian LongswordFortitude
Foundation of StoneFounder's Friend
Fox's CunningFox RidgeFox Trail
Freaky's FlailFreedom of MovementFreezeweave's Field
Freezing AugmenterFreezing Darkness
Freezing FogFreezing SphereFreya's Fists
Frido's DeathstarFrigid DefileFringe of Existence
From Flayed HideFrostFrost Orc Cavern
Frost WeaponFrostbitten AugmenterFrostfever
Frostmaiden's TouchFrostweb's FreedomFrozen Failure
Frozen KissFrozen MourningFrozen Root of Yggdrasil
Frozen ScreamFrozen StiffFrozen Tear of Cania
Frozen UrgeFugueFull-Plate of the Quickblood
Full Measure of MightFulminating LapisFur of the Chefik
FurchinFurious AugmenterFurious Falchion of Flynn
Fury of ThanosFury of the FaithlessGS
Gakra'Rek BloodwineGalantrian GleamGalvanic Cone
Gamma's Gunk GetterGanglion Shroud
Garb of the KeynariGas-Charged SickleGate
Gaudy KnockoffGauntlet of the SheinjaGauntlets of Gehenna
Gauntlets of Inverted ForcesGauntlets of Transposed Energy
Gaze into the AbyssGazra's RightGearing
Gedlee's Electric LoopGegnar's Diamond PurseGelatin Pod
Gelid SodaliteGelidian PlatemailGelugon Heart
Gem GrenadeGem of TeleportationGembomb
Gemli's Gouging GoadGeneral QuestionsGenie
Germination MaskGetting StartedGhostly Visage
Ghostwise HalflingGhoul TouchGiants Lair
Gift of UndeathGift of ValorGirdle of Gehenna
Gith PrecursorGith SwordGithyanki
GithzeraiGlacierGlacier's Death Knell
Gladiator BracersGlaive of the Immortal
Gleam of GesendirGleam of Stagang
Gleaming AugmenterGleaming DeathGleaming Flail of the Ice Fiend
Gleaming GlintGlobe of InvulnerabilityGlomero

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