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North of TownNorthern TraderNow It Defends
Noxious NeedleNuminous JasperNutating Pick
NymphkinOakroot Buckle +9Oar of Charon
Obducement against ObjurgationObedience Without QuestionObi of the Geisha
ObidiahObsidian CenserObsidian Frost
Obsidian GogglesObsidian TreadsOffering of Asmodeus
Ogre CavernsOinos
Old MineOlo'RaOltum
Omen of StrengthOmmadawn's Project EnderOmni-Locus
One-EyedOne Thousand Curses
One With The LandOne With the LandOpen Lock
Open Subrace BuildsOpen Subrace Builds/BaseOpen Subrace Builds/Prestige
Open Subrace Builds/QuasiOrb of AcidOrb of Charm
Orb of ColdOrb of Electricity
Orb of FireOrb of ForceOrb of Necessity
Orb of OsirisOrb of SoundOrc
Orc WarrenOrcus' Cold DessertsOrcus's Head of the Wand of Orcus
Orders WrathOreliusOrigen's Precaution
Origin and PurposeOrison of DelightOrnamented Augmenter
Orudin's EyeOrudin's OathOssified Larva
Osyluth ScalesOtis the Town DrunkOurean Emptiness
Out of BalanceOverlord's AugmenterOverwhelming Aura
Overwhelming SolidarityOwl's InsightOwl's Wisdom
Oxidized AugmenterPT - Air GenasiPT - Earth Genasi
PT - Fire GenasiPT - Water GenasiPact of Servitude
Pads of Cruamros TrickfootPads of the Shadows
PaladinPale Master
Palig's AugmenterPall over Everything
Pallid SpiritPalynological PantsPandect of Darkest Secrets - Accuracy Without Sight
Pandect of Darkest Secrets - Armor CraftingPandect of Darkest Secrets - DisarmPandect of Darkest Secrets - Epic Energy Resistance
Pandect of Darkest Secrets - KnockdownPandect of Darkest Secrets - Rapid FirePandect of Darkest Secrets - Shields
Pandect of Darkest Secrets - Sneak AttackPandect of Darkest Secrets - Spell ResistancePandect of Darkest Secrets - Summoning
Pandect of Darkest Secrets - Weapon CraftingPane of PermafrostPanic Inflictor
Panoply of LliiraParadox of BladesParagon Arcane Spells
Paragon Bard SpellsParagon Cleric SpellsParagon Druid Spells
Paragon Spells
Parson's PreserverParty Etiquette
Party PopperPatch of Triton ScalesPathfinder's Augmenter
Patterned AugmenterPaws of the Bezekira
Pazunia BestiaryPeasant DynastyPech Lord
Pendant of ProcanPendant of the SeerPenetrating Drone
Pentavite ShieldPentavite WeavePentavite weave
Pentite CrystalPenumbraPenumbrium Plate
Pepy's Brooch of LifePerceptive Augmenter
Perfect EmptinessPerfector NodulePerfidious Thrust
Perish the ThoughtPernicious BitePersonifies the Void
Petitioner's SkullPetrified BrainsPetrified Mushroom
Petrified WaxPhal's PhlattenerPhandal's Bane
Phantasmal KillerPharlanPheromonal Weave
Philtre of Magical Aversion - AbjurationPhiltre of Magical Aversion - ConjurationPhiltre of Magical Aversion - Divination
Philtre of Magical Aversion - EnchantmentPhiltre of Magical Aversion - EvocationPhiltre of Magical Aversion - Illusion
Philtre of Magical Aversion - TransmutationPhiltre of Renewed Voice
Phoelarch / PhoenixbloodedPhosphorescent BarrierPhycomid Spore Pouch
Pinnacle of MadnessPinwheel
Pit Fiend Venom GlandPit of MoliationPit of Moliation - Dark Descent
PixiePixie's Crown
Plains of WarPlanar AllyPlanar Binding
Planar PerinarchPlanar Protector
Plane-Touched - Fire Genasi
Plate Mail of the ImmortalPlate of AnubisPlate of Divinity
Plate of Horlannan MongothPlate of Thokul ZanbenPlate of Uxan Uldorath
Plate of the Holy AvengerPlate of the Legendary MasterPlutonean Poplar Wood
PoisonPoisoned Gift
Poisonous WhispersPolar RayPolished Ekolid Eye
Polymorph SelfPopPortable Calliope
Portable HolePortal TunerPortent of Doom
Porter's AugmenterPositive Energy BombPotion of Airy Water
Potion of EtherealnessPotion of Greater RestorationPotion of Life Unbound
Potion of the Third EyePouch of Holding
Pouch of Perpetual Nature's SpitePouch of Perpetual Wicked RegretsPowdered Bitterbiter Eggs
Power Word, StunPower word, killPowerlevel
Practice ArenaPrayerPrecious
PrecisPrefect's AugmenterPremonition
Prescient's GuardPreservation
Preserve Their BodiesPreserved Balor HandPretender's Pendant
Preternatural SightPrice of FailurePriest of Lathander the Morninglord
Primal VengeancePrimeval MishapPrimeval Skull
Primordial HeartPrince's Companion
PrismaticPrismatic Dragon ArmorPrismatic Spray
Pristine WordProbing HeaddressProfane Interdiction
Profane MaelstromPrometheus PassProngs of Malagard
Protection from AlignmentProtection from ElementsProtection from Spells
ProtofleshProtogonean BarricadeProtogonean Girdle
Proxy Characters
Pseudonatural LifePsi ActuatorPsiforger's Boots
Psionic BlindersPudding JumpersPull
Pulled from the GravePulpa's Deconstructing Augweave NetPulpo Oblongatus
Pulverized EarthPurification BombPurify the World
Purple Dragon KnightPutrescent MantlePygro's Augmenter
Pygros' AugmenterPyramid EnergyPyre
Pyre of ChaosPyroclastic Flow
Quasit StingerQuaternary ExoticaQuaternary Union
QuillfireQuinan's Lifequencher
Quiver of Endless Arctic Storm ArrowsQuiver of Endless Caustic Strike ArrowsQuiver of Endless Dung Arrows
Quiver of Endless Enchanted ArrowsQuiver of Endless Hunter's PointsQuiver of Endless Icebane Arrows
Quiver of Endless Talons of TorremorQuiversQuixart's Augmenter
RabbitslayerRacesRadiance Genasi
Radiant SabatonsRaging AugmenterRainbow Pattern
Rainbow ScalesRaise DeadRaji's Wrists
RakshasaRakshasa's HideRakshasa Coven
Rakshasa EyeRampart of the Pact Primeval
Random Legendary Level LootRandom Legendary Level Loot (usable)
Random lootRandomsRanged Weapons
RangerRanger's BowRanger's Medal
Ranger's SkinRanger Bows
Rano's VendettaRapacious BuzzRapacious Venom
Ray of EnfeeblementRay of FrostRazhids Burial Chamber
Razor of Mith KuldarRazorvine
Reach Out and Kill SomeoneReaching for Damnation
Reaper's Last RefrainRebel's AugmenterRebuke
Red Knight's RampartRed ShieldbreakerRedrawn Runes
Redscale BastionReflective AugmenterRefreshing Augmenter
RegenerateRegnant AugmenterReincarnation
Reinforced AugmenterRemains ConstantRemembrance of Iggwilv
Remorhaz FangRemove Blindness/DeafnessRemove Curse
Remove DiseaseRemove FearRemove Paralysis
Renny SigneRepellent ReaverRepugnant Truncheon
Reshape the WorldResilient to the WorstResin-Crusted Boots
Resin Soaked CloakResinous JewelResist Elements
ResistanceResounding RapierRestoration
ResurrectionRetribution's HandReunite the Halves
Revel in MadnessReverse GravityReversion to Nature
Revolting RingRewards of LaborRez
RhekRhyponean Recycler's BeltRhyponean Sorting Gloves
Rift CanyonRiftwarRight
RilmaniRim of Lachrymosa
Rim of RaRimefangRimeweave Cloak
Ring-Bound GuecubuRing-Bound ManitouRing of Abyssal Sorcery
Ring of Abyssal WizardryRing of AcidRing of Adri Varma
Ring of BlastsRing of BoltsRing of Fire
Ring of FirewalkingRing of IceRing of Ierendian
Ring of ImmortalityRing of Inverted WeavesRing of Kenast
Ring of LevitationRing of PasswallRing of Royalty
Ring of SrogilRing of Warding
Ring of Water BreathingRing of WindworkingRing of the Axerian Grandmaster (Bard)
Ring of the Axerian Grandmaster (Druid)Ring of the Axerian Grandmaster (Wizard)Ring of the Planar Traveler
Ring of the PlanewalkerRing of the Ready
Ring of the Spellslinger
Rip's Wretched BreweryRise and ShineRising Sun
Ritual of ObeisanceRoachreign
Road to TownRobes of Adoneiros Hawklight
Robes of House JadonRobes of LanatirRobes of Triel Ysmathir
Robes of the Dim Mak MasterRobes of the Greater MongooseRobes of the Innate Occult
Robes of the MongooseRobes of the QuickbloodRobes of the Sapphire Sky
Robes of the Sephae'Keliak
Rod of the GhostRodor's RavagerRogue
Rogue's Cunning
Rot on the VineRoundRowan's Guardian
Royal JellyRuby Rod of AsmodeusRucksack of Repetitive Lockpicks
Ruined City HeadmasterRuins of Anduin
Ruinvorn's ClawRules
Run Guide: Deadpool
Run Guide: Glithildhoul
Run Guide: Manatakloss
Run Guide: Solis Gaobin
Rune of ReturnRunestaff of Abjuration
Runestaff of ConjurationRunestaff of DivinationRunestaff of Enchantment
Runestaff of EvocationRunestaff of IllusionRunestaff of Necromancy
Runestaff of TransmutationRushing WaveRusted Augmenter
SIMToolsSabrelightSafeguard from the Divine
Sagacious AugmenterSage's HouseSalacious
SalamanderSalamander's AugmenterSalandra's Augmenter
Sales AssociateSalt RaySalty Slippers
SanctuarySand's AugmenterSandals of Perdurance
Sapphire of SagacitySaravin's Sickle
Saric's SlippersSash of ElysiumSash of Piety
Sash of the Shedaklan BogsSatchel of Neverending Acidshock ShurikensSatchel of Neverending Balanced Shurikens
Satchel of Neverending Enchanted ShurikensSatchel of Neverending Monk's MantrasSatchel of Neverending Stings of the Arrowhawk
Satchel of Neverending Vitriolic ShurikensSatyrSaving throw
Saya'EpaScales of the CymediahScales of the Dragonborn
Scales of the FiendScarab Shell ChipScare
Scarlet LensesSceptre of LamentationSchlumpy's Justice
Schminstallation GuideScholar's AugmenterScholar's Augmenter UC
Scimitar of Father NatureScimitar of the HopelessScintillating Scarf
Scintillating SphereScion of Sorcere
Scooter's TooterScorching RapierScornful Drill
Scream So LoudScreaming GaleScreaming Heels
Screaming PepperScreenshotScreenshots
ScrollsScrolls for Sorcerers to Carry AroundSeablade
Seacrystal WardSeal of Bitter HateSeal of Divinity
Seal of the SheinjaSealed FateSealed Within
Searing LightSearing RubySearing Tongue
Seasoned DrinkerSecond BreathSecret Subrace
See InvisibilitySeeds of LifeSeek the Source
Seeker's EdgeSeer's CaravanSerene Visage
SerengettiSerious ImpedimentSerpent's Augmenter
Serpent's BloodServer InformationServer Rules
Server info pdf
ServersSet's GuardSet Weapons
Severed from PrayerShadeShade Spike
ShadesShadow ConjurationShadow Elf
Shadow Elves - BarracksShadow Elves - Forest FloorShadow Elves - Forest Village
Shadow Elves - Hall of ShadowsShadow Elves - Priest's QuartersShadow Forest
Shadow KaftanShadow OrbShadow Pontiff
Shadow ShieldShadow WrapShadow of Apocalypse
ShadowdancerShadowscale Belt
ShadowswyftShadowy AugmenterShaffi's Hunger
Shaman's AugmenterShapechangeSharantyr's Silks
ShardSharp AugmenterShatter and Remake
Shattered InnocenceShauntea's Shard
Sheath of StealthShedaklan Antipath
Shedding ShadowsSheinja Dress UniformShelgarn's Persistent Blade
Shell of the EkolidShelter from the HorrificShield
Shield of FaithShield of VandalarShield of the Sayarten
Shield of the Surrounded +10Shifter
Shimmer of the StyxShimmering Robes of the Silvermoon
Shimmersilk RobesShining with Sick LightShock And Awe
Shock WeaponShocking GraspShockwave
ShoutShrieker's Folly
Shroud of EvernightShroud of Fell PowerShroud of Sune Firehair
Shroud of the Demon BatShroud of the Earth MotherShroud of the Holy Dead
Sibilant JewelSidhe
Sigil of MystraSign of OrcusSignet of Axeria Imperia
Signet of Axeria Imperia - BardSignet of Axeria Imperia - ClericSignet of Axeria Imperia - Druid
Signet of Axeria Imperia - SorcererSignet of Axeria Imperia - WizardSignet of Bharrai
Signet of KharashSignet of Mammon
Signet of ManathSignet of PhlegethosSignet of Sathia
Signet of SetSignet of VharaSignet of Yavi
Signet of the NineSigns of the Coming
SilenceSilent AugmenterSilent Night
Silks of the ArachillSilks of the IridescentSilkweave Mantle
Silkweave Mantle - BludgeoningSilkweave Mantle - PiercingSilkweave Mantle - Slashing
Silver CarillonSilver Moon InnSilver Nimbus
Silver TongueSilvermist Bracers
Sine Qua NonSingeSins of Commission
Six-Fingered GlovesSkadi SickleSkaldclan
Skin UnfoldsSkin of the Rafia
SkulkSkullSkye Blades
Slave WaystoneSlavers BoundSlay Living
SleepSlight Augmenter
Sling Wielder's AugmenterSlippers of SerenitySlow
Slumber of EonsSmelter's Protector
Snaring AugmenterSnow Covered RuinsSnowball Swarm
Snowshoes of StygiaSnug AugmenterSolar-Forged Falchion
Solar ArcSolar Forged PlateSolar Mote
Soldier's AugmenterSolicitous AugmenterSonar Amplifier
Song's SubjugationSong of the EastSong of the Waves
Sonicshock SaviourSooty Crow TavernSorcerer
Sorcerer Spell Selection GuideSoul Bind
Soul CanopicSoul JarSoul Mirror
Soul ProdSoul Stone of LolthSoul of the Light
SoulbringerSoulcutterSoulshadowed Pearl
SoulshearSound BurstSounding Post
SoupSource of Shadows
Sower of SoulsSowing the Seeds of DeathSpacious Soul Canopic
Sparks' PersuaderSparten
Spasmodic SkegjaSpawnSpawned by the Raw
Spear Wielder's AugmenterSpecial Weapons
Spectral StampedeSpectre's NecklaceSpell Breach
Spell MantleSpell ResistanceSpell failure
Spell resistance (effect)Spell resistance (spell)Spellchain of Wilamros Shortankard
Spellguards of NetherilSpelljammerSpelljammer Crossbow
Spellscale of Trageon ChorsterSpellsong GauntletsSpellward
Spellweave of Filias EraemirSphere of AnnihilationSpider Cave
Spider GnomeSpike Growth
SpikeblossomSpiked Tail of the CornugonSpiker
Spin of SkaproborSpinning FeverSpiny Fish
Spirit WardSplint of Elril
Spore SiftersSpread of HeresySprocket of the Infernal Machine
SquishySsasapi Messn'to
Ssithrak ArrowsSsithrak Bastard SwordSsithrak Battle Garb
Ssithrak BattleaxeSsithrak BoltsSsithrak Bullets
Ssithrak DaggerSsithrak DaikyuSsithrak Dimension
Ssithrak GreataxeSsithrak GreatswordSsithrak Halberd
Ssithrak Heavy FlailSsithrak Heavy PlateSsithrak Kama
Ssithrak KatanaSsithrak KukriSsithrak Light Crossbow
Ssithrak Light FlailSsithrak LongswordSsithrak Mace
Ssithrak Monk WrapSsithrak RapierSsithrak Robes
Ssithrak ScytheSsithrak ShortbowSsithrak Skirmisher Scale
Ssithrak SlingSsithrak SpearSsithrak Wakazashi
Ssithrak WarhammerSsithrak Weapons
Staff Wielder's AugmenterStaff of Amarcoi
Staff of Axeria ImperiaStaff of Axeria Imperia - ClericStaff of Axeria Imperia - Druid
Staff of Axeria Imperia - SorcererStaff of Axeria Imperia - WizardStaff of Axilar
Staff of EmrysStaff of Forsaken SorceryStaff of Heradis
Staff of KantheaStaff of KyonStaff of Valentar
Staff of the ArchmageStaff of the Axerian Grandmaster (Cleric)Staff of the Axerian Grandmaster (Druid)
Staff of the Axerian Grandmaster (Sorcerer)Staff of the Axerian Grandmaster (Wizard)Staffmaster
Stain of the HeavensStandard Race
Standard SubraceStandard of AnhurStandard of Avernus
Standard of CaniaStandard of MaladominiStandard of Malboge
Standard of MinaurosStandard of ShedaklahStar of the Deep
Starfall CassockStarfire ForceStargazer
Statesman's GarbStatic Augmenter
Static ChargeStatic FieldSteadfast
Steadfast SlippersSticky FingersStiction Bomb
Still AugmenterStillsoundStimulating Scream
Sting of the OsyluthStingerStinger's Barbs
Stinging FungusStinking CloudStoic Faith
Stole of ThalasiaStone BonesStone Eater
Stone ShatterStone of RebirthStone of Succor
Stone of the WindriderStone to FleshStoneblooded
StoneholdStoneskinStorm Tower
Storm of VengeanceStormlightStormlord
StoryStrange Tower
Strange Tower - Dungeon Level 1Strange Tower - Dungeon Level 2Strange Tower - Ground Floor
Strange Tower - Level 2Strange Tower - Level 3Stranger's Beckons
StrengthStrength of DisciplineStrident
Strike Them DownStrike of the MaelephantStrongarm
StrongheartStuds of Ricorin DagarkinStygia
Stygian BandStygian IceStygian Icicle
Stygian RazorStygiasStyxwalkers
Suave AugmenterSubbySubmerged Crypt

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